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New Bell Schedule Pilot Will Replace SSR For Two Weeks in October

A two-week-long tutorial bell schedule will temporarily replace SSR.
Emma Kinder
Brooke Darmanin, a science teacher at WHS.

           Tutorial Pilot Bell Schedule: October 22-November 2


Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri Wednesday


8:00-8:50 (50 min) 8:00-8:50 (50 min)


9:00-10:30 (90 min)

9:00-10:20 (80 min)


10:30-10:40 (10 min)

10:20-10:30 (10 min)

4/5 (plus announcements)

10:50-12:25 (95 min)

10:40-12:05 (85 min)


12:25-12:55 (30  min) 12:05-12:35 (30 min)


1:05-1:40 (35 min)



1:40-3:10 pm (90 min)

12:35-2:05 (80 min)

Staff Collab. Time N/A



A testing period of the Tutorial Bell Schedule will replace Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) and alter the times of sixth and seventh periods beginning in the last week of October and ending in the first week of November.

The Tutorial Task Force requested this two-week trial to test out a new format for the school day. Tutorial is a concept meant to provide a block of time for all students to receive academic support regardless of course load or level. It also aims to help teachers support their students within the regular school day instead of setting up office hours.

“The only change is really going to be SSR, which we are not going to have anymore,” Chuck Velschow, Assistant Vice Principal at Woodside, informed. “Instead, we’re going to have tutorial period, and it’s going to be 35 minutes.”

On May 29, the Shared Decision Making Council (SDMC) approved a two-week pilot that will temporarily implement a tutorial period at Woodside and run from October 22 through November 2.

“The Wednesday schedule is going to be exactly as it is right now,” Velschow expressed. “The start and end times are exactly as they are. The only thing that changes is that 35 minute time frame.”

The only change is really going to be SSR, which we are not going to have. Instead, we’re going to have tutorial period, and it’s going to be 35 minutes.

— Chuck Velschow

Student will be permitted to visit different teachers and use their electronics, but specific rules will vary by teacher. The daily announcements give more information to help prepare students for the tutorial period in the first few weeks of October. After the two weeks trial have passed, the students and staff will take a survey about the tutorial period to help Woodside decide whether to permanently implement the schedule.

“According to the behavior expectations for tutorial, it’s still [asked that] electronic devices be used for academic purposes,” Brooke Darmanin, a Woodside science teacher, explained. “If you need to use a computer to do Webassign or watch an Edpuzzle or work on a Google Doc, you are allowed to be using electronic devices for that if your teacher allows it.”

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