Freshman Assembly Guides New Woodside Students

Leila Taherian, Staff Writer

To guide new Woodside students and inform them about available campus resources, the Board of Student Advisors (BOSA) hosted their annual freshman assembly last Thursday.

Seeing BOSA up on that stage definitely inspired me to be a part of BOSA my senior year.”

— Nicola Recker

Adapting to new classmates, teachers, and academic standards can be stressful for incoming high schoolers. During the annual Freshman Assembly, which provides students with information to help them to succeed in high school, BOSA gives the freshmen personal advice, academic tips, and guidance resources.

“It was really helpful to hear about the different things we have access to at Woodside, [the] PAL stickers, and the different things we can use guidance counselors for,” stated freshman Brandon Palfreeman.

Current BOSA president Nicola Recker hopes that the Freshman Assembly affects incoming freshman as much as it affected her.

“I think it’s really beneficial for students to have a clear overview at the beginning of the school year,” commented Recker. “I remember my assembly, and seeing BOSA up on that stage definitely inspired me to be a part of BOSA my senior year.”

Aside from BOSA, students from Woodside’s dance team, cheer team, and band performed, displaying some of the many student programs. The performances aimed to inspire the new students, make them excited about High School, and even convince them to join one of the programs.

“The assembly was really helpful and inspiring for me,” said ninth grader Jillian Peterson. “The dance and cheer performances really caught my eye, and now I’m really excited to try out next year.”