Powder Puff 2018: The Seniors Rule the Field

The Senior girls destroyed the competition at this year’s Powder Puff football game, winning 26-0.


Grace Newby, Staff Writer

This year’s Powder Puff game proved to be a major success for the class of 2018, who won over the Juniors and Sophomores 26-0.

The team was led by Gerard DeZutti and Weston Bourgeois, two Woodside High School football players and seniors. Senior player Natalie Murillo says, “it was cool to have them as our coaches because they are on the football team so they are experienced players and we know them on a first name basis… it’s more like friends teaching us rather than a coach.”

It feels good to be a back to back powder puff champ.”

— Alex Torres

The girls had a rough start to the game when no freshmen signed up to be part of the team. Player Alex Torres says, “it was basically seniors vs. sophomores and juniors.”

The seniors proved they could carry the game on their own.

The first play of the game, the seniors were on defense and Torres made an interception which then led to a touchdown. The sophomore and junior team tried to run with the ball instead of passing, but it did not seem to work for them since they never scored.

The senior team had both passing and running plays that allowed them to be able to score multiple times. Player Karina Bridgman comments, “The senior defense was… a huge factor into the winning of the game since they never allowed the junior/sophomore team to get a first down.”

This is the second year in a row that the class of 2018 has won the Powder Puff game. Torres comments, “it feels good to be a back to back powder puff champ.”

Overall, the girls felt like the best part of the day was getting to play around with their classmates. Murillo says, “The experience was great because I was with all my friends and it was a place for all of us to have fun.”

Murillo adds, “Whether we were on the field or on the bench waiting to get subbed in we were always cheering and supporting one another.”

As this is the last year they will be able to play in the Powder Puff game, it feels fitting to end their football careers on a high note.