Fundraising Friday A Success

Kenna Beban and Isabella Williams, Opinion and Online Editors

Last Friday, Woodside raised money for its clubs and organization through the highly-anticipated Fundraising Friday, where students sold food at lunch.

Woodside High School student organizations set up tables on the I-Wing lawn to sell food for students at lunch. The Bring Change to Mind Club, the AVID program, the Black Student Union, and many more groups came together to raise money for their programs.

Students look forward to the supporting clubs and buying food from Fundraising Friday weeks in advance. Clubs sold students’ favorite foods to attract business. Organizations sold TPumps, In N’ Out, Tacos, chocolate covered strawberries, snow cones, Jamba Juice, and more. The TPumps and In ‘N Out is known to go within the first five minutes. 

“I’ve been waiting for Fundraising Friday for so long. It’s the only time you can actually get good food at school… Plus, you can support school organizations,” Katie Meade, a freshman at Woodside High School said.

The Black Student Union (BSU) at WHS is excited to work toward providing new opportunities for its members.

“There are Stanford Black Student Union and a DeAnza College conferences that we want to raise money to send our members to, but our ultimate goal is to help provide money for students for the ‘Sojourn to the Past’ trip, where they can explore the history of the Civil Rights Movement right where it occurred,” Gavin Carlson, a member of the BSU, said.

The Rocketry Club hopes to get higher tech equipment with the money raised.

“We’re planning on using the money to pay for the parts for the rocket, and the places where we can launch the rocket are pretty far away so we’re also using it for gas money,” Alex Hadidi, a junior at Woodside, said.

The Octagon Club, a community service organization at WHS, sold Dippin’ Dots to raise money for memberships to the Optimists International Organization for all of its’ members, which helps fund service opportunities and clubs internationally.

“I’ve been in the Octagon Club for all three years that I’ve been here, and I am so happy to have the opportunities they offer me. If we could raise enough to help keep service clubs around, it’s so worth it,” Alex Manuel, a junior at Woodside, said.

The Bring Change to Mind Club, focused on removing mental health stigmas at Woodside, hopes to create more interactive ways for members to feel comfortable asking for help.

“The money for the fundraiser will help the club create more fun group activities, spread information on mental health resources, and just overall help the club promote a safe environment at school,” Nikhitha Nair, the Bring Change to Mind secretary, said.

Students feel that there should be more than two Fundraising Fridays per year.

“I’m just thankful I can finally get some decent food. The food sells out so fast that I feel like we should do more of these. They’re clearly successful and everyone loves them,” Mason Carthan, a senior at WHS, said.