Gala of the Gods: Woodside Prom 2018

The Juniors and Seniors gathered together in San Francisco for a night to remember.


Seniors Reece Chang and Katherine Quan pose before heading to prom.

Grace Newby, Staff Writer

On April 21st, approximately 550 juniors and seniors came together in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom to celebrate the 2018 prom.

The dance theme was “Gala of the Gods” and the leadership team delivered. The ballroom had accents of gold and white, with added fake ivy vines. Junior Ryan Mithen comments, “The inside of the venue was just beautiful, really just [all of the decor] was amazing.”

Another special addition was the live statue posing in the front lobby, meaning there was an actual performer painted in white and dressed like a Greek statue posing as the guests arrived. Senior Morgan Gawle says, “It took me a second to realize [the statue] was a real person. It totally caught me off guard.”

The students who attended especially enjoyed the taco making station available for all guests. “I liked having some actual good food available at the dance, because sometimes there’s none.” said Senior Henry MacArthur.

“My favorite part of prom was definitely the pictures. I loved getting dressed up and taking pictures with my friends and date.””

— Katherine Quan

Of course, the most talked about part of the night was the music and the dancing. People seemed to have fun tearing it up with their friends. Senior Katherine Quan says, “I loved getting to dance all night long. I had such a great time with my date and we had so much fun together.”

However, it was observed that many students had complaints about the quality of the music played by the DJ, some saying it was boring and not current enough. Senior Katie Raynor comments, “I thought he was better than usual. No matter what people complain about [the music] and someone won’t be happy about it.”

The dance floor was a popular location nonetheless, and the DJ even took a special song request and played “Sweet Caroline” for everyone to enjoy.

For some students, the best part of the night came even before they made it to San Francisco. Quan says, “My favorite part of prom was definitely the pictures. I loved getting dressed up and taking pictures with my friends and date.”

No matter what each students’ favorite part was, the 2018 Woodside High School prom seems to be a success in the students eyes. Gawle says, “I will always remember my senior prom.”