A Look At Next Year’s Student Government Officers

Nora Elhams – Sophomore President

Nora Elhams is passionate about the power of student voice.

Nora Elhams was this year’s Freshman class president, and just got elected for Sophomore class president. “I can connect with my peers to hear what they want changed at our school,” declares Elhams, “We have the power to change whatever the people want to.” She also values diversity as an important quality to have in a community. “We already have a lot of diversity at Woodside, and that’s really what makes us strong. If we come together, it would make a difference.”



Caroline Mader – Sophomore Vice President

Caroline wants everyone at Woodside to feel encouraged to speak up.

Caroline Mader has previous experience as her middle school class’s Vice President and decided that she wanted to fill the position again this year. Caroline says, “A goal of mine is to encourage everyone to participate in school events and have school spirit.” She believes that a good Vice President should, “be dedicated and hardworking.







Sophia Bogyo – Sophomore Treasurer

Sophia is motivated to get her class more involved.

After serving as this year’s freshman class secretary, Sophia Bogyo will take the position of sophomore class treasurer in the fall.  Bogyo is excited to continue representing students’ views, and already has goals for next school year. “I plan on hosting a lot of fundraisers, trying to raise money for class boards, and… trying to get more people to come to class boards,” Bogyo comments.  Currently, the largest challenge facing the freshman class officers is the lack of attendance at the weekly class board meetings; through a combination of publicity and free food, Bogyo hopes to resolve this.


Sheona Yakupitiyage – Sophomore Secretary

Sheona is excited to get to know her class better in the next year.

Sheona has always loved being a leader. According to her, “I am most excited to be interacting and getting to know my class next year. I hope to become more understanding and helpful to the Woodside community during the next year.” Sheona has had experience singing an acting in front of others, so she feels very comfortable speaking publically and interacting with others.







Adrienne Evans – Junior President

Adrienne is passionate about making Woodside the best it can be and plans to put her all into the position.

Adrienne Evans is currently in the leadership class and runs the committee “Noontime”, which organizes lunchtime events and rallies. She is also a star player on the Varsity Soccer team. “Next year, I would like to build upon our success by planning events such as prom and work even harder to make sure everyone’s voice is heard,” Adrienne declares.






Caden Hansen – Junior Vice President

Caden is determined to make Woodside a more accepting, happy place.

Caden Hansen, currently the secretary for the Class of 2020, was recently elected to be junior vice president.“I’m very passionate and dedicated to this school and my class and making our high school experience the best it can be,” Hansen stated. Hansen is currently president of the Bring Change 2 Mind club, which focuses on spreading mental health awareness. “I am definitely involved in activism and advocacy,” Hansen remarked, “so what I really want to work on at our school is creating a safe and supportive environment for anyone, especially when it comes to experiences with mental health… as well as [encouraging] more acceptance and support for the LGBTQ community.” Hansen also aims “to promote diversity, eliminate racism, and eliminate excessive use of the n-word,” and overall “make Woodside into a place where everyone feels truly welcome.”

Ann Mashraki – Junior Treasurer

Ann has proven very successful at managing money and hopes to apply her skills well for the Junior class.

Ann worked with a nonprofit organization to help raise money and awareness for HIV/AIDS and was Secretary at her middle school. “I have experience managing money. It requires a lot of integrity and honesty and I can definitely offer that.” She hopes to help create fun, memorable events for the Junior class. “I really want prom to be successful, as it’s going to be my class’s first prom,” Mashraki remarks.




Julia Healy – Junior Secretary

Julia has lots of school spirit and hopes to make her class more successful.

Julia Healy was not in the student government last year but will serve as the junior class secretary. Julia believes that hard work and genuine commitment will lead her class to success. “I’m diligent, hardworking, and committed to making our class the best it can be.” As secretary, she will help to communicate the ideas and concerns of students with the student government. 





Daniela Sanchez-Sevilla – Senior President

Daniela is inspired by the many cultures of Woodside’s campus and hopes to encourage wider group of people to run for WHS leadership roles.

Daniela Sanchez-Sevilla is thrilled to have won the role of senior class president.  She hopes to champion diversity in every aspect of the Woodside community, and maybe even implement a new spirit day about culture and heritage. She says, “My main goal is to encourage other diverse bodies of people to be involved with class boards and leadership.” This will be her first time in student government, but she has been a part of Young Latino Leaders, Freshman Transition, the debate team, and varsity cheer on campus the last few years. Daniela feels that she can help Woodside have “a stronger sense of belonging” next year.

Jorge Abraham Espinoza – Senior Vice President

Jorge has deep respect for his classmates and is excited to represent their ideas.

Jorge Abraham Espinoza was recently elected to be senior vice president for the 2018-19 school year. “I’ve grown and respected this school a lot, and I understand and know how much responsibility it takes to be [in this position],” Espinoza commented. Espinoza was previously sophomore vice president, and he ran for a leadership position again because of his passion to help the Woodside community. “I want to get more people involved,” Espinoza explained.  “[I want to make sure that we] get everyone’s side of the story.”


Victor Saliba – Senior Treasurer

Victor is motivated to make sure the Senior class has the money to have memorable experiences.

Victor Saliba was elected as the 2018 senior class treasurer. This is Victor’s first year as a class officer and is very excited to bring all of his new ideas to the student government. During his time as the senior class treasurer, Victor plans on insightfully managing funds, making sure we’re not in debt, and organizing fun events, fundraisers, and activities requested by the senior class. “I hope to be a voice for the senior class of 2018!”





Nadia Sochan – Senior Secretary

Nadia is driven to make sure the Senior class has a memorable last year at Woodside.

Nadia has lots of experience in the leadership class at Woodside, and feels prepared to apply her organization and time management skills to her duties as Senior class secretary. “A secretary has to be organized and able to constantly make sure everything is going smoothly,” Sochan remarks. She is motivated to make the Woodside events fun for everyone.




Writing by: Isabella Williams, Chloe Postlewaite, Taila Lee, Grace Newby, and Emma Chiu

Photos by: Joe Balsama