Ivy League Decision Day


Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz

Massachusetts Hall, the oldest building at Harvard

Beck Patrone, Sports Editor

Tomorrow marks the day that the academically gifted students of Woodside dream about their entire lives, Ivy League acceptance day.

Some of the most renowned universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth are part of the prestigious Ivy league school group. All of the Ivy league schools are known to be a one way ticket to academic and career success. To be admitted into one of these schools signifies one’s academic prowess and elite accomplishments. Many Woodside students eagerly apply, but only a select few are given the golden ticket of admission.

“They have a very low acceptance rate, most of them in the single digits and many are below five percent,” Woodside High School College and Career Center Advisor, Zorina Matavulj commented.

If by a chance any Woodside scholars are admitted, it would be a huge surprise to the entire community.

“Any college advisor would be surprised to see Ivy leagues admit their students. Woodside is no different than any other school facing the situation of Ivy league acceptance competition,” added Matavulj.