Gen. McMaster joins ever-growing list of departures from Trump Administration

Locals and Students nervous at perceived government instability


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Sean Moriarty, Staff Writer



Picture via Army Capabilities Integration Center

Former National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster resigned from his position on March 22nd, joining a list of former Trump administration officials that, to many, appears to grow larger by the moment.

On Thursday, March 22nd, after weeks of speculation, General H.R. McMaster resigned from his role as National Security Advisor of the United States. Announced via a tweet by President Donald, his resignation will take effect on April 9th, where he will be replaced by John Bolton. McMaster will be the forty-third official to resign or otherwise leave the Trump Administration since President Trump’s Inauguration.

The high turnover rate of the Administration has lead to many feeling nervous and anxious over the government’s stability.

“The Trump administration is losing officials like a sinking ship loses rats,” says local resident Jon Nowik. “In the past, I’ve never had to actually follow the government like this. In Obama, in Bush…sure, maybe I didn’t like them, but I never felt the need to follow their every move. With the current government, it’s like a never-ending roller coaster…I never know what’s going to happen next.”

Woodside students also feel worried over the most recent firing, though it has affected them considerably less.

“Of course this makes me feel anxious,” says Sophomore Anastacia Musante, “governments shouldn’t shed people like this.”

Students believed that McMaster left due to personal pressure.

“I heard that Trump was really butting heads with McMaster,” said Freshman Griffin Mills. “But I don’t know, it could be just a rumor.”

However, Trump Administration officials denied that there was friction.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asserted on Twitter on March 15th that President Trump and Gen. McMaster had a “good working relationship,” and claimed that there would be “no changes” at the NSC.

Trump himself announced McMaster’s resignation on Twitter on the 22nd, and said nothing of any potential friction as the cause for McMaster’s departure.

“I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster,” said President Trump, “who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend.”

The Trump administration is losing officials like a sinking ship loses rats”

— Jon Nowik

Other departures from the Trump Administration include FBI Director James Comey, who was fired; Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who resigned; Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who was fired; and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was fired. Some students believe that these departures were good, rather than bad.

“Bolton was a racist, and Tillerson was a crook,” claimed Ethan Balthazar, a Junior. “All these guys leaving is good. We don’t want them in the government, so it’s good that they got fired.”A

Despite wary views on Trump’s decision, others thought differently about the departures.

“Sure, Bannon and Spicer were terrible at their jobs,” conceded Nowik, “but Comey was a dedicated guy. So were McCabe and all the fired Obama officials. Just because a few of the people who left were bad, doesn’t mean that the entire situation is good.”