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Varsity softball slides into the end of the season

The Varsity Softball team gathers up for a team picture!

As spring is wrapping up, so is Woodside’s varsity softball season.

This year Woodside’s overall record is nine wins and 14 losses, placing them seventh in the Peninsula Bay league. Last year, their season had an average of four wins and 17 losses, placing eighth in the Peninsula Bay league. 

“This season has been going a lot better than last year,” Woodside senior varsity softball player Noelle Thall said. “We started off the season really strong and did really well in our non-league games, but we are in a tough league, so the league [matches] have been a little bit challenging.”

With a new year came some promising new players for the Woodside varsity softball team. 

“We’ve had a lot of underclassmen stepping more into their positions and roles and we’re a lot closer this year, which has helped us,” Thall said. “Iliana Ortega is a freshman and has stepped into the role of one of our two starting pitchers. She has been a major aspect of our team on both sides of the ball. Same with Caroline Ong, she’s also a freshman and she is now our starting shortstop. She is also one of the best hitters on our team and is doing really well.”

Through the season, relationships have grown, and the team’s collaboration skills are at their highest. Vanessa Carlos, a sophomore second-year varsity softball player described the evolution of connections between players.

“The team chemistry has grown throughout the season, with us getting to know each other more and helping each other out,” Carlos said. “I would also say that we know how to pick someone up if they make a mistake.”

As with every team, they have their strengths and weaknesses. 

“As a team, our strengths are one hundred percent the camaraderie as well as our energy,” sophomore Woodside varsity softball player Mo Overbey said. “No matter the game or the score we are usually on the fence cheering and always picking each other up. When it comes to areas for improvement, I’d say it’s probably the little things such as mechanics and the mental part of softball.”

A common difficulty among students is managing time with softball, schoolwork, and other extracurricular activities. Although managing this work can be difficult, the players still continue to play and stay on top of their responsibilities. 

“Being in leadership and in the pink ribbon club, it definitely can be a lot sometimes [to balance work] because those are two important and active roles,” Thall said. “I just try and get all my work done during school or when[ever] I can. So when I’m at practice or at a game, I’m not stressed and worried about what I have to do.”

The team is constantly working together, helping each other, and continues to grow every day through it.

“My aspirations for the remainder of the season are having a good time, having fun, competing to the best of my ability, and supporting my teammates,” Carlos said.

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