Baseball starts season in top form, crushing rival Sequoia High School



Varsity baseball players, having not lost a single game, standing on the edge of the infield

Conrad Berke, Managing Editor

With the start of the 2022-2023 spring sports, the much-awaited baseball teams look forward to a strong season. Varsity currently sits at a 4-0 overall record, while junior varsity has a similarly sound 3-1 overall record. 

Varsity has their next [non-league] game against Monte Vista High School on Wednesday, March 8th, while junior varsity has their next non-league] game against Mills High School on Tuesday, March 7th. 

“We’re pretty good this year so I expect to make CCS and hopefully go pretty far,” second baseman, pitcher, and junior Vincent Vazquez said.

Both varsity and junior varsity defeated Sequoia high school, a longtime rival of Woodside baseball, over mid-winter break, with varsity winning 9-0 and junior varsity winning 11-0. The win was all the more challenging considering the winds that day, which reached speeds of 60 mph and shut off power for much of the area.

“So far, our toughest opponent has been Soquel [High School], down in Santa Cruz,” Vazquez said. “Of course, our rival is Sequoia, but thankfully we destroyed them this year.”

Varsity is predominantly juniors, which makes it a younger team, but also suggests a bright future for Woodside baseball next year.

“We’ve got quite a few promising players,” Vazquez said. “Everybody’s returning thankfully. We’ve got Ryan Dodge – he already has four home runs – and Braiden Boswell, another great power hitter. Everybody on the team is strong this year.”