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Girls basketball team’s season looks bright

Woodside Athletic Boosters
JV Girl’s Basketball Team with their trophy after winning the Jefferson HS tournament.

This year the girl’s basketball team has been looking promising with a record of 3-1 with their most recent game resulting in a win over El Camino HS. The junior varsity girl’s basketball team most recently brought home a trophy from a tournament in the Jefferson HS tournament.

Overall, these teams have already shown great potential in their pre-season matches with the varsity team being 3-1 and the JV team being 4-1. The varsity girls basketball team consists of 16 players and the JV girl’s basketball team consists of 14 players some new and some old. Last season’s varsity and JV teams had an overall underwhelming season but this season they’re coming back with revenge in their eyes.

”I see a lot of potential in our team,” varsity player Sierra Pestoni said. “We’re developing a lot of skills together; Communication is a big one for us and, learning to get out of our comfort zone and mostly taking the confidence on how we’re playing.”

Last year’s varsity team had a lot of good players that were seniors who unfortunately left the team because they have all graduated. The team is not worried about their success though because they have retooled with some new players.

“We have a lot of new players like my sister Sophia Pestoni, Lacey Barstad, and Alexis Kolotouros,” Pestoni said. “They’ve all been pretty key to the team so far. We saw potential in them so we pulled them up hoping for them to grow and learn how to play as a varsity player.”

Every basketball team has at least one outstanding player who everyone knows is always gonna bring their all to every game and Woodside’s very own girls’ basketball team isn’t an exception to that.

“I would say Natasha Cacace and Maddie Escobar are our outstanding players,” Pestoni said. “They both have certain attributes that are very beneficial to the team, Natasha is a very beneficial shooter, whereas Maddie is very fast and she can really get up the court.”

Both teams have been playing really well so far in their pre-season games and we should really look out for what they have next. Varsity’s and JV’s next game is against Yerba Buena high school on December 16.

“I like the team and I think we could do really well this year if we focus,” JV Captain Farrah Caldwell said.

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