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Woodside football team suffers from the injury bug

Credit: Frank Victores
Injured football Players Mason Furtado and Giordano Presotto

The Woodside football team, coached by Coach Justin Andrew and Coach Jaime Gonzalez, has been riddled with injuries with four people currently out, including players Mason Furtado and Giordano Presotto. 

Presotto is out with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury on his right knee after getting tackled during the Sequoia game. Before that, Mason Furtado was out with a hip injury after taking a helmet to the hip. 

Furtado turned to the sports trainer for help with his injury. 

“Coach Andrew, the sports trainer, [said to] ice up,” Furtado said. “It was a bone injury so there’s not really much you can do except wait so just get some sleep especially.” 

Furtado explained how his hip injury damaged his bone. His current recovery involves icing and resting. After his injury, he couldn’t do many everyday things like walking or running. 

“The first one or two weeks were pretty hard,” Furtado said. “It was hard for me to walk, and I couldn’t run at all. So I was kind of limping around. It was hard to get out of and into bed sometimes.” 

Furtado mentioned that his hip injury this year has been his biggest and most impactful injury he’s ever had. He’s had a past hip injury, but not as damaging compared to this season’s injury that forced him to rest and sit out for a couple of games. Luckily for the Woodside football team, he will come back this season after his recovery. 

“I had another hip injury,” Furtado said.  “This is probably the biggest injury that I’ve had, but I’ve had other minor injuries, but this was the first time I had to miss a game because of an injury or two games.” 

Furtado’s life has been drastically altered as well as the many people who have also been injured this season, but Andrews believes that his team will still be okay even with all of the injuries. Andrew thinks the team’s future will still be bright and the people who have been injured will make a huge impact on their game.

“We’re really counting on them. We’re going to kind of work them in this week and see how they do, but I anticipate them making a big impact on the game,” Andrews said.

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