Woodside baseball comes to a close


woodside baseball team

A great shot of a woodside batter right after hitting a line drive single

Charlie Sullivan, Staff Writer

Coming off a tough 8-7 loss to El Camino, Woodside Varisty Baseball is 9-9 overall and trying to get above .500 with upcoming games against Half Moon Bay, Tera Nova, and Mills. 

Woodside has struggled in the league, as they are just 3-5 this year, but have shown great resilience throughout the season and have proved that they are capable of bouncing back from any loss. 

“Our season is going pretty good; we’re all having a lot of fun” Woodside sophomore and varsity catcher Evan Chad said. 

Chad talked about how important this year’s senior class has been in producing wins for Woodside.

“A few shoutouts would have to go to pitchers, Zak Sullivan, Ben Giovanetti, Tanner Ellis… and Dylan Petrin” Chad said. 

Woodside currently sits in 6th out of 8 teams in the Peninsula  Ocean League standing, so they are towards the bottom but are only a few games away from being able to make a jump into the top 5. 

“Some of our biggest competition? I would say maybe Menlo School or San Mateo” Chad said. 

Woodside baseball has worked to build a sense of community and brotherhood amongst its players. Chad made it clear that their efforts are very evident in his own experiences with baseball at Woodside.

“The environment is pretty fun [and] pretty loose. We joke around and all get along…, so I’d say we’re pretty close” Chad said.