Softball field expands


Team Speed Kills

The softball field is expanding so that the baseball field can be adequate for playing on.

Elaine Haag, Staff Writer

Now that spring sports are in full swing, athletes are getting comfortable with their new playing environment. Because of the new season, the baseball team is in need of an updated field for practice and games.  

Due to this, construction took place back in February that expanded the Northwest Alameda field to make it larger. 

“The expansion of the small field was done so that the baseball team may have a second infield to practice on, given they only have one field for their program,” Woodside softball coach Alexa Daines said. 

The expansion of the field will also alter the softball field looks like, and how it will work for the softball team. 

“It would mostly just be getting used to a larger outfield, how that affects where the ball is thrown and how many cuts (one or double cuts) are needed to get the ball to the infield as quickly as possible,” Varsity softball player Katherine Gray said.

Expanding the field wouldn’t affect the team directly, although it may affect practices and games for a bit. 

“The team is very adaptable so we would be able to get over that pretty quickly,” Gray said.