Hoping for a grand slam: Softball season continues


Woodside Softball

Woodside softball players hope to improve their already strong performance and qualify for playoffs this year

Conrad Berke, Staff Writer

Woodside softball stomped Los Altos this past Tuesday, March 15, with a 4-0 win. 

With spring sports well underway, numerous Woodside teams have taken off, with softball hoping to make an impact. Varsity softball currently holds a 4-3 record. Despite softball holding more wins than losses, players still believe there is work to do. 

“We want to win and beat them because we’re not doing too good,” Woodside junior and varsity softball player Liliana Magana said. “So we can use this as momentum for our other games.”

The team went on to do just that and win their game, incorporating skills they had worked on in practice, such as hitting and pitching.

“We work on fundamentals and we kind of break off into the infield-outfield or do separate hitting stations, and we work on what our individual problems are so that we can get better,” Magana said.

Although conditioning and physical improvement are important, for any sports team to achieve greatness, unity and teamwork are invaluable abilities. 

“We definitely want to build on communication. I think especially since we’re young, being able to talk to each other and pick each other up is important,” Magana said.

But while there is always room to approve, fans can take satisfaction in their recent wins on and off the field.

“I feel like we do really well picking each other up,” Magana said. “We don’t let ourselves get down or if we see someone down we try to help them out.”