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Soccer player Diego Ruiz shows leadership on the field

Instagram: @woodsideboyssoccer
Diego Ruiz prepares to kick the ball towards his teammates.

Varsity soccer player Diego Ruiz found his passion on the field playing soccer.

Ruiz is a senior on the Woodside soccer team and has played on the team for two years. He has loved soccer since he was a child, and he’s played for many clubs outside of school.

“[Playing] felt natural because my dad played it,” Ruiz said. “I guess it’s just in the family.”

Ruiz’s father played soccer and watching him play was something Ruiz found fun and interesting. Ruiz started playing soccer around the age of four. He plays midfield and usually plays in the positions of six, eight, or ten. Darrell Ringman, Woodside’s varsity soccer coach, thinks Ruiz has many skills that make him a versatile player.

“He could probably play any position he was put into,” Ringman said. “He’s very knowledgeable about the roles that are played in multiple formations.”

On and off the field, Ruiz has shown his talent and understanding of the sport.

“He’s a very talented player and he’s trained to get to that level of play through his work and his club assignments,” Ringman said.

Ruiz supports the team with his tranquility and quick thinking skills.

“Because Diego is so patient with the ball and really knows what he’s going to do with it before he gets it, he has a calming effect on the absorption of pressure by the attack,” Ringman said. “Once we recover the ball, he’ll restart the attack from the defensive end of the field and do so in a way that is very deliberate and smart.”

His talent and behavior on and off the field reveals his sense of leadership and teamwork.

“He’s known for being a leader, he communicates a lot on the field, he communicates a lot off the field, [and] he always has something very poignant to offer in terms of observations,” Ringman said. “He’s quite knowledgeable about the game and from a coaching perspective, I think he could fill in the role of a coach if he wanted to.”

Ruiz enjoys playing soccer for Woodside alongside his teammates.

“My favorite part about playing for Woodside is that I get to play with my friends from school,” Ruiz said. “It’s a good feeling when you score a good goal with your team.”

In the future, Ruiz hopes to continue his passion for soccer.

“I’m looking to play in college and in the future for sure. My main goal is to go to college, get a degree, [and] be a professional, ” Ruiz said.

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