Woodside Fall Sports Wrap-Up: Cross Country Wins PAL With Multiple Athletes Coming First


Cedrik Von Briel

Of the many Woodside team’s who’ve performed well this year, water polo was one of the most successful

Conrad Berke, Staff Writer

As winter sports approach, many fall sports have ended or are almost done. This year, Woodside had admirable results, with some teams doing notably well, such as cross country.

The cross country season was remarkable, located at the top of the PAL and CCS (Central Coast Section); various athletes came first in multiple meets.

“I would say I am pretty satisfied with the way things are going right now,” junior varsity cross country athlete and Woodside sophomore Judah Dulany said.“I mean, we’re looking to win the PAL championships within a week.”

In addition to the success of Woodsides sports that play on land, this year’s water polo teams had successful seasons as well.

Boys’ water polo finished 2nd in the PAL Bay Division this season, sending them to the CCS tournament. However, some felt as though team performance could be improved.

“I mean, overall, it was a fun experience,” Woodside sophomore and boy’s water polo athlete Beckett Postlewaite said. “But I think we could have done better, winning-wise.”

Girls’ water polo decisively defeated HMB in a CCS play-in-game, placing them in 3rd in the PAL Bay Division. This win also entered them into the important CCS tournament, but they unfortunately lost.

“I’m satisfied with our team’s performance,” Woodside junior and girls’ water polo athlete Elodie Serres said. “We worked really well together this year… and won the majority of our games.”

Girls’ varsity tennis was another of many Woodside teams that had successful seasons.

“In previous years we’ve not done very good, but this year is the first year that we started doing well,” Woodside sophomore and varsity tennis player Eva Urbanek said.

Girl’s varsity tennis tied for 4th place in the Peninsula Athletic League (PAL) Bay Division and had a 7-7 record. The Individual tournaments were held on November 2nd, with Woodside’s varsity girls’ tennis players Carmen and Annabelle Bechtel making it all the way to the quarter-finals.

“I’m really happy with [our team’s performance],” Urbanek said. “I think we did pretty well as a team this year.”

One of Woodside’s most popular sports, known for its eventful Friday night games, is football. While it was a tough season for varsity, junior varsity managed to perform positively with a 6-2 record so far.

“We were 1-2 to start the season [off], but then we came back and won most of our last games,” junior varsity football player and Woodside sophomore Alex Frampton said.

The last Woodside football game, for both varsity and junior varsity, is an away game at Jefferson on Friday, November 5th.

“We stuck together as a team and everybody just made slow improvements throughout the season,” Frampton said.

The inaugural girls’ golf team did very well, coming 2nd place in the PAL Ocean Division with a 7-3. They also managed to defeat one of the hardest teams, Half Moon Bay.

“I think for a first-year gold team, we actually did really well and better than I thought we were [going to do],” Woodside sophomore and varsity girls’ golf player Sierra Bryant said.

Woodside sports are meant to create bonds and welcoming, exciting environments.

“I made really good friendships and [my teammates] are more like sisters now,” Bryant said.