Twitch Streamer Alinity Joins eSports Team Despite Pet Abuse Controversy



Popular Twitch streamer Alinity joins eSports team amongst pet abuse controversy.

Anthony Rastellini, Staff Writer

Natalia Mogollon, a Canadian Twitch streamer that goes by the name Alinity, has decided to join the eRa, an eSports entertainment organization. Due to past videos of pet abuse, the online community widely disagrees with eRa’s decision to invite her.

The eRa is an eSports entertainment organization that started as a sniping montage YouTube channel and quickly became an eSports organization with a team. Alinity began streaming in December 2012 and quickly became known in the Twitch (the popular streaming site) community due to her comedy and play style. Many people believe she was accepted into the eRa only due to her fame.

Many people, mainly animal rights activists, are against this.

“I don’t think she should be allowed to be in such a big organization, [considering] what she has done in her past,” Alex Fortis, a former Alinity fan, said.

Alinity has had multiple instances of abuse towards her cats, behavior that doesn’t abide by Twitch’s terms of service. After her abuse allegations, some people believe that she was let off easy by Twitch with a warning because of her popularity, which started many controversies. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a prominent animal rights community, shared their thoughts in a Tweet.

“ATTENTION: @TwitchSupport,” PETA wrote. “Take a stand for cats & please remove Alinity from @Twitch immediately. She is using the platform to post animal abuse, which sends a dangerous message to anyone watching her videos. Cats are not props to abuse for more views 🐱”

Animal activists became more upset as Alinity reportedly continued with her actions, despite warnings from Twitch social workers.

“After the first [instance of abuse], she should have been banned, let alone… [after] the third and fourth time,” said Aaron Jackson, animal rights activist. “She should have never been able to work with Twitch, and not with eRa.”

Many people believe she shouldn’t have been invited into the eSports team.

“I don’t think that was a very strong move for eRa to sign someone with such hate that follows them,” Eric Gausman, a fan of eRa, stated. “She should have been banned from Twitch, and [eSports] should have never known who she was.”