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Soccer Slump

Varsity soccer off to a rough start this season.
Woodside High School website
Woodside Varsity girls soccer team last year.

The girls Varsity soccer team is off to a rough start, and with a 2-3-1 record, players are feeling the pressure to improve.

“We are off to a rough start because our team consists of mostly freshman,” expressed Ella Driscoll, a player on the Varsity Woodside High School team. “So our team is really young. But we have actually started to bond more and we recently had two games and we won both of them.”

Woodside High School website
Varsity girls soccer team head coach.

The girls Varsity soccer team has won Central Coast Section (CCS) two years in a row, the third of five years for Coach Jose Navarette. They finished last season with a 13-6-3 record.

We couldn’t have taken the dub without our teamwork and communication out on the field.

— Ella Driscoll

By contrast, the girls Junior Varsity (JV) soccer team has started off fairly well and has won most of their games, with a record of 4-2.

“We have been doing really well so far,” Abby Poncia, a Player on the JV team, declared. “We have won most of our games. I think that since the season has just started, we need to learn about how we all play and adjust to our new teammates and as time goes on we will gel more as a team.”

Varsity’s next game is Saturday, December 15, at 3:30 pm at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale. JV’s next game is against El Camino not until January 5.

“[To get another win, we have to] work as a team, communicate, and [score] goals.” said Rachel Mull, a player on the varsity team.

Both teams want do do better in games and try to achieve their goals. They also want to improve their soccer program and win all their games.

“[I think the team can improve on] teamwork and having a leader to take charge,” Rachel Mull stated.

Specifically, the varsity team wants to improve their health conditions and teamwork skills. The coaches are expecting each player to be a leader and communicate to one another on the bench and on the field.

“We couldn’t have taken the dub without our teamwork and communication out on the field,” Ella Driscoll revealed.


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