Woodside Students Show Spirit at Blackout Football game

How students here show there spirit

Adriana Nicole Hernandez, Staff Writer

In a sea of black you were able to see Students, staff, and parents showing their spirit at the Woodside Blackout Varsity football game, by dying there hair orange, face painting their faces orange and dressing in all black.

On Friday night the Woodside High School Varsity Football team played Leigh High School. Many people attended this game, and showed their spirit in many ways from being on the cheer and dance team to hyping up the crowd.

One student here at Woodside named Jackson Adkins is Notoriously known for hyping up the crowds and cheering on the football team on.

“I kinda like how people are willing to help each other and make sure that things are going okay but every time something  bad happens it’s like they give up thats why everytime I go rallys and the football games I try to pump there spirit up to erase all that” stated Jackson Adkins a junior at Woodside High School.

The dance and cheer team also play a big part when it come to the spirit here at Woodside.

“The dance team spends most of the football game on the sidelines so there always hyping up the crowd, and just getting them into the game whether it’s by cheers or the halftime performance” said Bella Mckay a junior on the dance team here at Woodside

Even teachers get in on the spirit whether it be during the games or just during the school year.

“I think one of the best ways to do it is every Friday wearing my Woodside gear, or seeing all the students wear there Woodside gear it really makes us feel one with the community” Stated Jordan Filerman a English teacher her at Woodside.