NBA vs. NHL Playoffs

The Woodside Paw Print takes a closer look at the recent updates on the NBA and NHL playoffs.

Sara Raubvogel, Outreach Editor

 As the playoffs of both the NBA and NHL continue, Woodside High School students have contrasting opinions on the overlapping sports of basketball and hockey. 

I think the future is really bright for the Warriors and I’m looking forward to the rest of the playoffs.”

— Kyle Knudson

In the middle of the second round of the NBA playoffs, the Golden State Warriors please their fans with a 3-1 lead over the New Orleans Pelicans. The team is flourishing on the court and showing off their skill in second place in the Western Conference, six games behind the Houston Rockets.

Freshman Reis England shares his excitement about the Warriors: “The Warriors always seem to turn around in the season and ‘block out the haters’ when the playoffs roll around. This is when the adrenaline kicks in and they just can’t stop winning.”

Similar to the NBA playoffs, round two of the NHL playoffs kicked off last week. Although the Sharks are third in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, they lost to their new rival, with the Pacific Division winning Vegas Golden Knights on Sunday night. This prompted the elimination of the Sharks and an upset amongst fans.

“The elimination of the Sharks is a huge disappointment, but I’m actually kind of proud of the Knights,” shares freshman Roxy Reid. “Being a first year team, they are doing extremely well and in my opinion, they have a chance of winning the [Stanley] Cup. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rooting for the Sharks the whole season and I’m frustrated that they’re out.”

The Sharks and the Warriors may not be on the same path in terms of winning; however, the NBA and NHL playoffs will continue on similar schedules. Round three for both leagues will start at similar times, and the Warriors are scheduled to play game five against the Pelicans on Tuesday, May 8. The NHL playoffs will continue without the Sharks on Wednesday night with another elimination game.

“I’m really excited about the Warriors,” admitted freshman Kyle Knudson, “and although I don’t follow hockey, I understand that it’s annoying that our local team is eliminated. I think the future is really bright for the Warriors and I’m looking forward to the rest of the playoffs.”