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Is JV the Game Worth Watching?

The JV team took the night while Varsity keeps falling short

The Woodside Junior Varsity Football team took a surprising second win of 30-20 vs.Carlmont while the Varsity team fell short again losing 29-53 on Friday, September 1.

Woodside fans, students, and family were astonished with the outcomes of the Carlmont and Capuchino games after JV came out strong and the Varsity team lost by great numbers.

“Our Varsity team is lacking in depth and experience, causing us to really lean on players who are relatively new to the game”, said head coach Justin Andrews referring to Varsity’s performance versus Capuchino. “As the game went on, our experience and lack of depth were exposed as mistakes and injuries started adding up, leading us to fall apart towards the end of the game.”

While Varsity struggled, the JV team made up for last season’s poor record of 1-9. This year’s JV team is much more experienced with a strong lineup with key players such as Brody Crowley, Brendan Smith, Xabi Sullivan, Jason Msalam, Will Holthaus, and Peter Jeong according to Coach Andrews. These players contribute immensely to the team because of their talents and experience in this game.

“The JV team played a pretty balanced game, offensively and defensively. Capuchino’s JV team wasn’t in a position to ever really threaten us; so all we needed to do was execute our gameplan”, said Coach Andrews.”Our JV team is much improved from last season, and likely would’ve played well regardless of the opponent.”

The final scores for the Woodside vs. Capuchino games were 27-7 JV and 13-26 Varsity.

Coach Andrews explained that “The same issues from the first game popped up for Varsity in the second game– mistakes and lack of depth. We again only suited up 24 players– many of whom are still learning the game. As players got fatigued/injured, it only worsened the situation” for last Friday’s game against Carlmont.

Despite the blistering 105℉ heat of Friday afternoon, the JV team was able to contain the Carlmont team for a solid win.

“The JV team, for the most part, executed our gameplan well and kept Carlmont bottled up for most of the game. We seem to have quite a few playmakers of our own who rose to the occasion and made big plays!”

As a result of the first two games, it is tempting to argue that one team is better than the other. However, Coach Andrews disagrees.

“They are two completely different teams playing through different circumstances. Our Varsity team is struggling through some tough circumstances. The goal is to ultimately have a program where both levels are competitive year in and year out.”

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