Local Fans Hope for a Long Postseason Run by Golden State

Woodside remains confident in the Face of Adversity

Beck Patrone, Sports Editor

Sports fans throughout Woodside High School are content as they watch the Golden State Warriors continue along their postseason run.

After a successful regular season that saw the Warriors winning 67 games, the team was awarded the top seed in the western conference of the first round of the NBA playoffs. Awaiting them in the first round was the Portland Trail Blazers who finished with an even 41-41 record. The series was relatively easy for the Warriors as they won the best of seven series in a four game sweep.

However, during the first series of playoffs the Warriors did face some unexpected struggles as head coach Steve Kerr faced complications with a neck injury that could prevent him from coaching throughout the entirety of the playoffs. Additionally, one of the warriors premier players, Kevin Durant, was forced to sit out Game 2 of the series as he dealt with a Calf injury that he sustained during the first couple of minutes of Game 1. Warriors role players, Matt Barnes and Shaun Livingston, were also sidelined throughout the series, making room for error very minimal for the warriors as they push on into the Western Conference Semifinals.

Despite questions regarding the current health and strength of the team as they continue their playoff run, fans at Woodside are not worried about the success of the team as a whole.

“I think they will probably win the finals easily, they’re probably not going to lose a single game. They might be the first team to go 16-0 in the playoffs!” devoted warriors fan and Woodside Junior, Max Addis stated.

Several warriors fans share this outspoken confidence as their team is faced with questions regarding the integrity of the team.

“We are likely going to win, we might get some injured players, but they’ll push through,” Woodside senior Luke Irwin claimed.

Additionally, Warriors fans at Woodside think that the possibility of the return of coach Kerr will create a sense of strength and courage within the locker room that will propel them to a championship.