Wildcats are ready to pitch

Baseball preview


Kiki Koeppen, Staff Writer

Wildcats are more than ready for their baseball season to start up, due to them being back up in the in the Bay Division.

Last year, the Varsity team ended the league season with a record of 11-3 with an overall record of 17-12-1. The Junior Varsity team finished with an overall record of 10-13-1. Because of varsity’s record, the school has moved up to the Bay Division, which has caused both excitement and nervousness among the teams.

I believe that our varsity team has the potential to be great this year!” Assistant Varsity coach Dan Rogers said. “We hosted a CCS playoff game for the first time in school history last year, and as a result, we moved into the upper Bay division this year. The competition will be tough, but we have some strong juniors and seniors this year. Tim Goode, Evan McDonough and Evan (Yedi) Yedinak will be some of the senior leaders on the team.”

Although the role models that many returning and non returning players may have to look up to, can agree that they need to work on certain aspects of their game.

“So far we’ve been doing okay,” Senior player Tim Goode said. “There’s been some bright spots through our games but we’ve got a long ways to go. With, like, leaving runners on base and, you know, getting guys in scoring position. But, we’ve been good defensively and on the bases, but, you know, if we just take the bat off of our shoulders we should be alright.”

Not only do the players realize the work they have ahead of them, but the coaches do as well.

“This year’s team needs to learn to work together,” Middough said. “There are a bunch of juniors who are new to varsity this year and they need to step up their game and play at a consistently high level in order to be competitive this year.”

Even though needed improvements and work that needs to be addressed, the players have hope that they will get far this year, hopefully making it to CCS.

“I think we can get as far as we did last year,” Goode said. “It’s easier to make it into CCS  because we moved up a league and, we’ll see once we get there but I think that we’ll have a good team this year, so I think we can.”

Despite the work that needs to be done, all the players and coaches hope that this season will be a great experience and successful. 

“The only prediction I feel comfortable making is that the players will improve as the season goes along,” Middough claimed. “I don’t want to put any unnecessary pressure by predicting the outcome of games that haven’t been played, but I know the players and I know they will work hard and get better from game to game, inning to inning and pitch to pitch.”