Cubs Win World Series

Woodside’s reaction to the Cub’s victory

Kianna Koeppen , Staff Writer

Courtney Danley anxiously paces the floor of her room. Gena Estasi bites her nails with anticipation while watching players move across her screen. Karly Ice-Crespo stares at the television in wait while the pitcher throws the ball to the awaiting catcher and batter.

Woodside fans are thrilled that the Chicago Cubs finally won the 2016 World Series in game seven.

After a 108 year wait, the Chicago Cubs finally overcame all odds and beat out the Cleveland Indians, thus winning the 2016 World Series. Many didn’t expect a team like the cubs to emerge victorious especially with the 108 year losing streak they have had to endure. Despite the low expectations, many fans did root for them and believed that they could win.

“The Cubs deserved the win,” senior Courtney Danley stated. “The players were there to play for each other and were not arrogant like the Indians. They played it game by game and wanted it more.”

Even though everybody is ecstatic that the underdogs pulled through, many are wondering what it would have been like if the Indians had triumphed over the Cubs.

“I would have only been a little upset if the Indians won,” freshman Karly Ice-Crespo said. “I am more of a cubs fan than an Indians fan.”

Many fans did favor the Cubs over the Indians, others feel much stronger about the Cubs winning compared to other fans.

“I would’ve been upset if the Indians had won because they didn’t have the drive that the Cubs had and they didn’t have the loyalty of fans,” Danley claimed. “I hate the Indians because of the arrogant cocky players. Yes, there are times when you can be cocky, but they blew a 3-1 lead because they thought they had the title.”

Despite many people’s heartfelt and deep feelings on the Indians’ hypothetical victory, some are also wondering what might’ve happened if our very own team, the San Francisco Giants, had beaten the Cubs in the playoffs and won the World Series.

“I would’ve preferred the Giants to have won if they were in the World Series,” sophomore Gena Estasi claimed. “Only because of my bias towards the Giants and how they’re a local team.”

Regardless of many people’s desire for the Giants to had won the World Series, everybody can agree that the drive and difference of the Cubs teammates in the past 108 years is remarkable.

“I think it’s remarkable that a team could struggle and not have success at least once or twice,” Danley said. “However, I can understand if they just didn’t have enough players that had the same drive and passion for the title as this year’s cubs did.”

Overall, almost every Woodside baseball enthusiast can agree that it is remarkable that a team like the Cubs can go 108 years without even winning a game and go on to win the World Series.

“I think that it makes the Cubs a really persevering team to be able to go 108 years without winning the World Series, because many people doubted them, but they proved that they can do it,” Ice-Crespo said.