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Softball Players On Softball Field

Is Construction Worth It?

Woodside High School softball players wonder when they will have their torn up field back and whether it will be worth the wait.

A bond was approved in Spring 2014 to build a new science wing, also known as the J wing, between the tennis courts and softball fields. Despite the many advantages that will come to having another wing, the deconstruction of the softball fields and tennis courts have been an issue for some time. This worries both softball and tennis participants. They’ve been wondering whether they will even have a court to play on when this is done with and if the construction will be finished in time. Some people also find it difficult to see a field that they have played on since they were very young get torn down.

“For me, the field getting torn apart is really sad,” Woodside High School sophomore softball player Devon Sheehan said. “I’ve played there since I was six years old, and to see it all ripped up is very saddening.”

The lack of grass and aurora of a softball diamond may be troubling to many people who have played there all their life. However, a fear that worries not only softball players but also tennis players, is whether they will be able to have their field done in time for the season.

“I really really hope it’s finished in time for the Spring Season, but I’m not so sure,” Sheehan expressed. “Woodside barely got the stadium finished in time for the home game, and even then they’ve still been adding on to it.”

Despite being reassured that the field will be done in time, students are still worried due to what happened with the Bradley field problems and delay.

“I do not think it will be finished in time from what I have seen so far,” Sophomore softball player Gena Estasi claimed. “It took the end of a school year a whole summer and a few months into the new school year to finish the Bradley field track and home bleachers. At this rate the new building will not be done until the sophomore class of 2019 graduates and possibly beyond that point.”

Time is a fear for not only the players of softball and tennis teams, but for the coaches as well.

“Thankfully as a coach I’ve been able to hear from administration and workers on the progress of the field,” softball coach Alexa Daines stated. “I’m not quite sure about the building be completed on time. I’m hoping the softball field will be finished in time for our spring season.”

Time isn’t the only fear among the softball enthusiasts. The layout of the complex stands to reason.

“The idea of a new wing being where it is going to be seems odd to me,” said Sheehan. “I feel things might get cramped and claustrophobic, and I’m worried it could backfire if flying balls hit or break the windows of the new building.”

Despite the potential issues that may arise and the present fears, many students and faculty members are excited for the new building and its many uses.

“In the long run, I think it will be worth it,” Sheehan said. “I know that for something cool and new to be built, construction is necessary. Building new, advanced structures is always amazing to improve education, as well as keep our school updated and modern.”

Not only will the new building upgrade Woodside’s science program, but it will also give the softball community an upgraded field that they could very well use.

“I am very excited about how things are coming along and for upcoming use of the field and the building,” Estasi said. “Our softball field could use an upgrade after all these years.”

The excitement and anticipation for the new building and a makeover of the softball complex is steadily rising in students, faculty members, and coaches as the due date looms closer and closer.

“I think once all construction is finished and the new building/field is being used people will appreciate it.” Daines stated. “Even though construction projects are loud and messy the final product is something that people learn to appreciate and enjoy.”

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Kianna Koeppen, Diversity Editor
Kianna Koeppen is a senior at Woodside and the diversity editor for the Paw Print. This is her third year as part of the Paw Print and doing journalism. She was the lifetime, entertainment, technology, and heath editor last year and a reporter the previous year. She enjoys writing about topics involving LGBTQ+, gender, or any other marginalized groups. She wishes to keep writing as a main priority in her future career, whether it be in journalism or some other writing profession.

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