The Players Are Ready But the Field Is Not

Will the renovations of Bradley Field be ready for the first home game?


Kira Newman, Photo Editor

WOODSIDE HIGH SCHOOL- The unkempt condition of Bradley Field’s track, stands, and entry made Woodside’s ability to host the first football game strenuous.

Due to natural deterioration of the main field, Woodside was forced to renovate the defected stands and track over the course of the 2016 summer break.

Relating to the necessity for the renovations there were, “two things: the track was failing along the visitor’s edge and the second thing was the bleachers, up at the top on the home side, were sagging into the hillside,” Principal Burbank said.

The home side bleachers were sliding into the track on Bradley Field leading to drainage issues. When it rained, the track inflated, filling with water from the drains. The ground above the home bleachers was suffering due to the slide. The renovations were needed due to safety precautions.

During summer, workers were at Woodside’s field revamping the appearance of the bleachers by creating more aisles, more handicap accessible seating, plastic orange benches, a redefined sound system and ten new park benches. The project was intended to last from early June to the first week into September.

“We were told initially that the teams would be given access to the field for practice,” the Director of Athletics, Charles Velschow explained. Though the football and cross country teams were supposed to be able to practice, the workers however could not let them due to insurance policies. If someone were to be injured on the field or around the site, the workers would be liable for their injury. Because of this, the teams had to travel to different schools and other fields to practice before the season’s start of games. The negative effect of this, as Principal Burbank mentioned, was that the football team had not practiced on their improved field until the day before Friday’s big home game.

The entrance was filled enough for spectators and visitors to use. There were blocked areas where workers are proceeding to work upon, and not all that is intended to be done was completed including the park benches, and fenced entrance as well as a few more entryway works. The sound was clear and amplified as the Wildcat community wished. The orange benches attracted attention to the stands, and the track was striped brightly.

All renovations are promised to be completed by the time Sequoia travels to Woodside for the rival football game on September 30th.
Bradley Field will be new and improved by mid-September when Principal Burbank believes, “the attractive, new field might increase the attendance”. She admitted the great ability of Wildcat players both on and off the field, however, would attract more spectators to the games.