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Is the new PS5 really worth it?

Even though the PS5 sold out within minutes, buyers are still excited about the new features
PlayStation 5 Photograph: Sony
Pictured above is the new PlayStation Five (PS5), along with its new controller.

The new PlayStation Five (PS5), a console by Sony, has been released with exclusive game titles, additional accessories, and game-changing backward compatibility, allowing users to play their favorite PS4 titles on the new console.

The console was released on November 12 in the U.S and immediately began to sell out across numerous retailers’ websites. Even huge companies such as Target, Walmart, and Best Buy were utterly devoid of consoles by 12:02 a.m. Buyers may not be able to get the PS5 as soon as they expected, but, no matter how long the wait, many are still looking forward to everything it has to offer.

Many people are thrilled to get their hands on a PS5 because they anticipate the new colors of the console and controllers as well as the new internal tweaks. Aside from what the console has to offer, lots of people also can’t wait to play their favorite games and newly-released titles such as “Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War,” “2k21”, and “NHL 21”.

Roxy Reid, a Woodside senior, explained that she’s ready to experience everything that the new console has to offer, with high hopes that there will be a noticeable difference between the PS5’s performance and Sony’s previous PlayStation models.

“I am looking forward to the enhancements made around the visual quality of the games, the interface (along with the new user interface) that they have made adjustments to, and a ton of bug fixes to ensure it runs smoothly,” Reid said. 

Woodside senior Aidan Chandler is looking forward to the backward compatibility, crossplay, and new games. He and others are willing to pay around the same price they did for the PlayStation Four (PS4), $400, even though there were a few flaws with the older console.

“A con of the previous console is that it would get way too loud,” Chandler said. “It would sound like a jet [was] flying right over your house during gameplay.”

While many users of the PS4 had problems with the console getting loud, others found different issues.

“I would have to say speed, frame rendering, updates, and graphics were a few pitfalls for the PS4,” Reid said. “It was noticeably a lot slower, which can often be pretty bothersome when loading up or playing a game.”

Some customers have a personal connection with past products because they’ve been choosing PlayStation since their childhood.

“I had an Xbox in the past, but most of my friends had PlayStations, so it didn’t make sense to have it and no one to play with,” Chandler said. “I’m happy with PlayStation because I can play with my friends from school and out of state.” 

Sophomore Akeera Evans likes the overall design of the console and controllers since they’ll now come in white, which is unique given how most of the previous Playstations have come in darker colors. 

“The controllers are really cool,” Evans said. “I like the new design. I’m hoping they’re more durable than the PS4 controllers.”

Reid also said she liked the new look, but she had a few concerns.

“I like the design of the controller and the console itself,” Reid said. “I believe Sony was going for a more futuristic look, and they definitely achieved that… [However,] the console is huge… and I hope there’s some reasoning behind that because the size is kind of concerning.”

Overall, the reception to the PS5 was mostly positive.

“The new games have me excited, [as well as] the graphics upgrade and the ability to play with people that still have a PS4,” Evans said.

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