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Controversy Behind “The Mind of Jake Paul”

Shane Dawson

The YouTuber Shane Dawson recently released a series called the “Mind of Jake Paul,” which tried to determine whether or not the celebrity Jake Paul is a sociopath.

On September 25, 2018, Dawson released the first of eight YouTube videos. From the start, many fans were unhappy with the concept of the series, believing that Dawson should not be speculating about the mental health of someone he has never met. He has even received death threats.

“I think people that are sociopaths are all about themselves and so they wouldn’t necessarily find it offensive, they probably will just find that that’s just who they are,” Francisco Negri, a counselor at Woodside, stated.

Shane gave Jake Paul a good platform.

— Claudia Nolasco

Dawson interviewed Alissa Violet, Paul’s ex-girlfriend, and former Team Ten member Nick Crompton, who both had strong opinions about Paul. Many students at Woodside share similar thoughts.

“I don’t think it was his best series because it went off-topic,” Claudia Nolasco, a Woodside freshman and long-time fan of Dawson, claimed. “The series started off on-topic, but as it went on it started to go off-topic. At the same time, I don’t think it went as well as he wanted it to go.”

Dawson was aware of the backlash he would receive long before he created the video series, and he even admitted to having panic attacks because he got a text or voice memo from Jake.

“At first he was looking at everyone’s sides,” Nolasco declared. “He wasn’t choosing a side, he was staying open to everyone’s opinions and everyone’s thoughts.” 


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