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Kevin Spacey’s Career Put to a Sudden Halt Following New Accusations

Sexual harassment/assault allegations weigh heavy against the actor’s career

Kevin Spacey has been caught up as the latest assaulter/harasser mentioned in the #Metoo movement as recent allegations surfaced against him.

The allegations was revealed by Broadway actor Anthony Rapp in a Buzzfeed interview, and more victims soon came forward. The victims not only mention that Spacey was disrespectful on sets (as recently as the mid-2010’s), but also that he assaulted and/or harassed others he worked with such as Heather Unruh, Tony Montana, and Harry Dreyfuss, to name a few.

Such allegations has caused many to denounce Spacey, including Netflix, fellow actors, and even his talent agency. What is more disturbing, however, is that his behavior was likely an open secret in Hollywood for years, made more apparent by Jon Bernthal’s podcast comments about how Spacey acted on the set of this year’s Baby Driver.

“I remember him being on that set, and him really rubbing me the wrong way… I thought he was a little bit of a bully. I didn’t really care for him the way he was behaving to people on set… It made me lose all respect for him, and I was completely disappointed.” Bernthal said to Sam Roberts of the Jim & Sam Show.

More criticism has also been hitting Spacey for his public apology in which he covered his behavior for drunkenness, came out as gay, and apologized only to Rapp. Many film fans across the spectrum saw this as weak, as Spacey used his drunkenness a scapegoat instead of apologizing directly.

“He used how he was gay as a way to cover up for his behavior,” senior and Video III student Justin Swan said.

The controversy also led to the cancellation of  many of Spacey’s projects, and in a few extreme cases, being reshot and recast completely. Spacey’s role in the historical drama All The Money in The World was replaced with Christopher Plummer only a month and a half before release. However, the fate of 2018’s Billionaire Boys Club in which he stars is so far undecided. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely his reputation will ever be the same.

“I believe that Kevin Spacey’s past actions were inexcusable,” senior Clayton Conover said. “But worse than his actions [is] the environment that allows him and so many others to get away with sexual harassment and abuse.”

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