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Doctor Strange: The New Marvel Super Hero?

Marvel’s movie and the public view

Marvel Studios is one of the only movie productions that retells the stories of our beloved childhood superheroes. Marvel’s original entertainment system created comics that captured the young minds of children everywhere.

“My favorite Marvel movie by far would have to be Iron Man,” said freshman Dominic Constantz. “I really don’t know why, but it might have something to do with having a Black Sabbath song named after him that makes him that much cooler.”

“The Captain America series. mostly because Steve and Bucky are both really pretty but I love how their friendship brings them together after 70 years. The storyline is fantastic!” said freshman Tatiana Costantini.

In 2008 Marvel released their first film Iron Man featuring Robert Downey Jr. who plays  self obsessed billionaire. He’s taken captive by terrorists and is turn into a cyborg if you will. He’s mostly man, but has a piece of metal that keeps him alive. He uses his new tech to create a “super suit” which allows him to fly.

After that movie was released came the next hero movies like Ant Man and The Avengers. Marvel just released Doctor Strange. The film is based on a Doctor who loses the use of his hands after an accident, after all traditional medicines fail him, he turns to a darker source of medicine.

Dominic’s opinion on the new movie is, “It seems like a really great movie, especially since it has some really great actors like Benedict Cumberbatch in it.”

Tatiana says, “I feel like it will be a lot different than the other marvel movies.”

Of course all Marvel movies have their own endings, but this movie doesn’t offer the original hero, most heroes we see are born with powers or wake up with them after some tragic event, but this movie shows a man who has to search for his power.

It’s hard to tell the plot of the story based on trailers I’ve seen, but it seems to follow the same storyline as a lot of superhero movies, that involve a normal guy turned super hero.” said Dominic.

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