“Hawkeye,” Underhyped or Mediocre?

A look into Episodes 1 and 2


Disney+/Marvel Studios

Hawkeye and Kate Bishop fighting together in the show “Hawkeye”.

Sofia Kalberer, Staff Writer

To say the least, I was skeptical when I heard the show “Hawkeye” coming out, based around arguably the most irrelevant Avenger. Yet again, Marvel spews out a filler show to hold fans over during a dry spell of film that just doesn’t meet the standards.

“Hawkeye” takes place right after “Avengers: Endgame” and so far two episodes have come out. The plot follows Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfield), a rookie superhero, and fan of Hawkeye, and Clint “Hawkeye” Barton (Jeremy Renner) working together to fight the “bad guys” and get back home for Christmas. 

With “Hawkeye” being Hailee Steinfeilds’ first Marvel project, we expect to see more of her in future films. We’ll also be seeing Florence Pugh playing Yelena Belova later on in the show. Jonathan Igla, the head writer of the show, has written other works like Mad Men, and Bridgerton. All six episodes had a budget of $150 million, around the same as bigger Marvel films like “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” “Captain Marvel,” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Fans expect Marvel films to be exciting and fast-paced episodes that also evoke emotion, but the first two episodes of Hawkeye seemed more like a cliche Hallmark movie. The plot, so far, is boring and the conflict of getting home in time for Christmas seems like some sort of cliche Christmas episode of a Disney show.

However, the dynamic between Barton and Bishop has been done well so far. Rather than the stereotypical bitter hero and bothersome fan girl trope, they actually have good chemistry. Barton is understanding and not overbearing, while Bishop is mature and helpful. I was surprised and refreshed by this since I was expecting the other trope. 

Additionally, you’d expect with such a big budget, “Hawkeye” would meet the standards of other Marvel movies like “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” but in comparison, it is lacking and dull.

If you’re an avid Marvel fan and don’t want to miss out on any important details, I’d recommend giving Hawkeye a watch, but if you’re just looking for a show to watch, I wouldn’t advocate for it.