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Robinson stands in the street, smiling, wearing an End the Stigma shirt encouraging people to open up about their mental health.

How Drew Robinson’s Story Inspired Me

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief June 2, 2021

Editors Note: This story contains depictions of violence, suicide, and other dark themes.  April 16, 2020, was the day Drew Robinson, the 27-year old struggling baseball player, sat in his kitchen...

Woodside has many students planning on entering the trades, some of whom spoke to the Paw Print about their experiences.

Woodside Students Entering the Trades

Jack Freeman and John Buckley May 19, 2021

  Jack Freeman: While the majority of students at Woodside High School are choosing to continue their education, there are a growing number of students that are choosing to forgo that and enter...

A mix of boy and girl swimmers made up Junior Varsity this year. Here they are making the dive into the pool.

Sports are Back at Woodside High School

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief March 25, 2021

Sports are back at Woodside High School this week, including football, girls tennis, swimming, and cross country.  Football The Wildcats started their season hot last Friday. Both Junior Varsity...

Above is the official announcement graphic for the return of EA College Football.

EA Sports Announces the Return of “EA College Football”

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief March 1, 2021

Electronic Arts (EA) announced the return of their beloved National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Football video game under the new name “EA College Football.” The last NCAA Football game...

Shown above is the slide from the interim Superintendents presentation announcing the return to in-person schooling on April 5.

Sequoia Union High School District Announces Date to Reopen

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief February 25, 2021

The Sequoia Union High School District's (SUHSD) Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, February 24 and announced that they are targeting an April 5, 2021 return to in-person classes. "I am pleased that...

Welcome back to another episode of The Pawdcast!

Paw’dcast: “Valorant” Review

Robert Freeman and Anthony Rastellini February 24, 2021

For this month's Paw'dcast, staff writers Robert Freeman and Anthony Rastellini sat down to discuss the hit video game "Valorant." You can listen to their conversation below:

When I was little, I constantly drew, painted, wrote, and generally made a mess. While I proudly gave the majority of my artistic endeavors to my family, I still have a folder of some of my drawings and construction paper cards, my old journals full of scribbles and recounts of what kindergarten was like. They’re from a time when everything felt fine, and, looking at these windows into my childhood, I can remember the joy and excitement I felt creating something. It feels like I can escape back into that childhood state of wonder when I skim through them. They’re messy and full of misspelled words, forever traced on the page with a strange mix of glitter gel pens and cheap markers for me to remember.

Photojournalism Showcase #2

Paw Print Staff, Writers and Editors February 12, 2021

There are nights where you look up at the sky you try to make out the stars through the clouds. You listen to the crickets chirping and maybe the neighbor’s dog barking. Sometimes you’re happy, sometimes you are sad. Sometimes you’re with someone and sometimes you’re lonely. But the moon is always there. Always giving light and a sense of security. Like a silent guide through the good and the bad times. Sometimes it’s fully there, sometimes it seems that there’s only half, sometimes you can’t see it, but it’s always there. Just giving light in the darkness. Life gets hard so take the time to relax, drink some tea and escape under a tree that’s under the stars and the moon.

Photojournalism Showcase #1

Paw Print Staff, Writers and Editors February 12, 2021

The opening screen for Bugsnax details the numerous creatures to catch and the games art style.

“Bugsnax”: An Unforgettable Experience

Jack Freeman, Co-Editor in Chief January 21, 2021

No game has ever made me laugh, smile, and feel as much as "Bugsnax" has. "Bugsnax" combines child-like wonder, funny creatures known as Bugsnacks, and an enriching story to make a memorable experience...

It has now been almost a year since Woodside switched to distance learning.

Keep Schools Closed

Alexander Balfanz, Co-Editor in Chief January 12, 2021

In late July and early August, just as California schools opened for the fall, COVID-19 cases reached their first peak. Now, in mid-December, the number of daily cases is over three times that peak. No...

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