The Voice of the Wildcats

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The Voice of the Wildcats

The Paw Print

The Voice of the Wildcats

The Paw Print

The senior thesis packet was given to students at the beginning of the writing process and laid out all the requirements, expectations, and deadlines for every assignment that was to be completed over the year.

Students and teachers raise concerns about the senior thesis

Claire Manuel, Online Editor April 29, 2022

An issue concern form questioning the validity of the senior thesis has brought an often silent, yet longstanding conflict into the spotlight at Woodside. The senior thesis is an extended research paper...

Tickets, designed by Emma Hite went on sale from April 4 through April 15.

On the horizon: Prom nears

Claire Manuel, Online Editor April 20, 2022

After leadership's months of preparation, prom is finally here. Leadership’s prom committee is responsible for planning the entirety of prom, which will take place on Friday, April 22. From booking...

Due to Covid-19 the SUHSD Sustainability Committee has been meeting over zoom.

SUHSD Sustainability Committee has its green light

Claire Manuel, Online Editor February 17, 2022

After months of working towards more sustainability in the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD), a group of Student Stability Leaders from across the district created the SUHSD Sustainability Committee...

12.8 million, or 42.1% of Americans are currently attending college and paying an average of  $35,720 per year.

Opinion: Is college really worth the cost?

Claire Manuel, Online Editor January 25, 2022
The value of a college education has always come into question for a lot of high school seniors during application season. Is it really worth all that money?
Ceramics I is a class open to anyone looking to try out this art form.

Woodside Ceramics

Claire Manuel, Online Editor January 16, 2022

College’s Crossword

Claire Manuel, Online Editor January 12, 2022

A teacher manages her classroom remotely during lockdown in Arlington, Virginia

What were the Positive Impacts of the Pandemic?

Winnie Einhorn, Staff Writer January 6, 2022
Covid was a long, difficult journey for most people over these past two years, but some have managed to find a light within the darkness. 
Beatrice Laus, known in the music world as Beabaddoobee, is a 21 year old singer song writer.

Live at the Fillmore: Beabaddoobee Concert Review

Claire Manuel, Online Editor December 6, 2021
After waiting four years to finally see Bebaddobee perform, I wasn’t disappointed.
The student lot is intended for juniors and seniors who have paid for a parking permit.

Trouble in the Student Lot

Claire Manuel, Online Editor November 15, 2021

The overcrowding in the student parking lot has gotten worse this year with numerous parents unfamiliar with Woodside’s drop-off methods, causing confusion, more traffic, and taking student spaces. As...

Woodside seniors Elise Hadidi, Diana McGrory, Lois Lola Pistilli, Elise Hadidi, and Virginia Gigi Pistilli tying for first place with their a capella rendition of Yesterday by the Beatles.

Woodside’s 2021 Talent Show: Back In Person

Claire Manuel, Online Editor October 28, 2021
Woodside’s 2021 Annual Talent Show showed us that the Woodside Drama department is back and just as great as ever.
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