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2017-2018 Staff

Beck Patrone

Sports Editor

Beck Patrone, a sports editor and writer for Woodside Paw Print, is in his second year of journalism f...

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Chloe Postlewaite

Staff Writer

Local News staff writer Chloe Postlewaite is new to the Woodside Paw Print. She is passionate about ...

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Christian Touhey

Politics Editor

Christian Touhey is the politics editor for the Woodside Paw Print, his second year in the Journalism c...

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Emma Chiu

Local News Editor

Emma Chiu is a new addition to the Woodside Paw Print staff writers and reports on Health, Technology, ...

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Grace Newby

Staff Writer

This is Grace Newby’s first year in journalism. She is working on the Health and Lifestyle beat as a ...

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Zack Hage

Staff Writer

Now in his third year of reporting,  Zack Hage is the Copy Editor, as well as a writer for the 2017-2...

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Travis Moss

Staff Writer

Travis Moss is a second-year reporter for the Woodside Paw Print this year. Topics he’s particularly...

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Holly Rusch

Staff Writer

Holly Rusch is a political writer and first-year journalism student who is new to the class. She is ver...

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Isabella Williams

Online Editor

Isabella Williams is the Online Editor of the Woodside Paw Print. This is her second year in high scho...

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Joe Balsama

Photo Editor

This is Joe’s first year as the photo editor for The Woodside Paw Print. Joe is mainly interested in photography and...

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Kenna Beban

Opinion Editor

Kenna Beban is the Opinion Editor in her second year of Journalism at Woodside. She is passionate abo...

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Kianna Koeppen

Health and Lifestyle Editor

Kianna, a junior at Woodside High, is entering her second year in journalism as the Health and Lifestyle edi...

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Noelia Arteaga

Staff Writer

Introducing Noelia Arteaga. She is a reporter for the sports category for The Woodside Paw Print. This is h...

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Sara Raubvogel

Outreach Editor

Sara Raubvogel is the Outreach Beat Editor of the Woodside Paw Print. She is a Freshman who is relati...

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Sean Moriarty

Staff Writer

Sean Moriarty is a politics writer for the Woodside Paw Print. He has no past experiences with journa...

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Mykha Latimer

Staff Writer

Mykha Latimer is a reporter for the entertainment segment in the Woodside Paw Print paper. She doesn’t ...

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Taila Lee

Copy Editor

Despite being new to the art of reporting, Local News staff writer Taila Lee is passionate about writing...

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Stefan Sujansky


Stefan Sujansky is a Co-Editor-in-Chief and second-year journalist with the Woodside Paw Print. Even th...

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Aaron Raubvogel


Aaron Raubvogel is in his second year of being Online Editor for the Woodside Paw Print in his second...

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