Leadership Activities

Leadership-run activities including the T-Pumps fundraiser, the blood drive, and school assemblies have been cancelled due to the coronavirus, and prom has been rescheduled from April 17 to May 17.

“I was planning a T-Pumps fundraiser to raise money for leadership,” said Woodside sophomore and leadership student Dina Fatolahi. “If we come back, I do plan on resuming [the fundraiser] as long as T-Pumps is open and school is open.”

Unfortunately, one of Woodside’s biggest events, the spring rally, was also canceled.

“It’s a community event where all the Woodside students come and watch the clubs perform,” explained Woodside sophomore and leadership student Laura Weppner, who was planning the rally. “Sadly, because of the coronavirus, it had to be canceled because that’s too many students in one area and we wanted to focus on everyone’s safety.”

Unlike other school events, the spring rally will not be rescheduled.

“So far, we are not planning [the spring rally]; it has been canceled,” said Weppner. “It’s pretty difficult to plan because it’s a Wildcat schedule that day, which means everything is shifted, like it’s in your planners. So, it’s going to be pretty difficult to move, so it’s just going to be canceled for this school year.”

Although disappointed, leadership is doing their best to prioritize student health.

“Right now, the leadership program, including BOSA, is focusing on keeping everyone at Woodside as safe as possible and yes, sadly, that means events have had to be cancelled and/or postponed as a result; however, we are hoping to find later dates for these events to take place on,” said Woodside BOSA vice president Colby Peck. “All of us would love to have these events occur, but as of right now, nothing is set in stone due to the uncharted nature of this situation. Leadership will look to find ways to help keep the spirit of Woodside positive.”

It remains uncertain whether school will resume after April 3, but leadership is prepared to adapt as necessary.

“In regards to the cancelled and postponed events, of course it is disappointing to see that the plans we have made and worked on for the past couple of months have been altered, but I don’t see it as having been for nothing,” said Peck. “We all hope to see some of, if not all of, these events occur at a later date. Things don’t always go the way we plan, but sometimes you’ve just got to take things one at a time and adjust and alter to the situation at hand which we are working on doing.”

Principal Diane Burbank empathized with students during her announcements broadcast last Thursday.

“Despite the cancellation of games, the musical, robotics, field trips, assemblies, I recognize your hard work, dedication, and time that you, your parents, and staff have put into planning these events,” said Burbank. “This unprecedented situation does not negate those efforts. I also understand your heartbreak and frustration and that this is so unfair.”

Student Activities Director Leslie With is determined to remain optimistic even in a negative situation. 

“This is just uncharted territory, but we need to keep our heads up and just try to stay positive,” With concluded.

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