Presidential Debates: Too Hyped Up?

Did the Presidential Debate live up to the hype surrounding it?

Aaron Raubvogel, Online/Social Media Editor

As 80 million Americans tuned into the First Presidential Debate, many wondered if the debate would live up to the gigantic hype surrounding it.

People all around the world have been talking about the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump standoff since the end of the Primary Elections back in June. Companies like Audi Cars and Tecate Beer aired commercials specifically for the debate. Despite that, many of Woodside High School’s students and staff think that the first debate did not live up to the hype surrounding it.

Ms. Ortez, a history teacher at Woodside, said, “I learned no new information, there were only insults thrown …it was a circus.”

Not only did teachers think that the debate was not as exciting as promised, they also predicted it to boil down to political mudslinging.

Ms. Baumgartel said, “It was predictable that Hillary was going to [bait Trump] and he would react …I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.”

Students also feel the same way about the debate as teachers do: it was predictable. Despite that predictability, many students still watched the debate.

“I found it hilarious, more comical than political. It was just two children babbling,” says sophomore, Ryan Mithen.

The debate also did not change the political view of either the students or teachers.

“It definitely did not live up to the Super Bowl hype. It did not change my political view [either],” said junior Maddy Avilla.

Even student political enthusiast Evan Farrar was let down after the 90 minute debate.

Farrar stated, “I think Hillary was too nervous, for one. She was so awkward. Trump was being dumb the whole time too. Hillary had a couple good moments though.”

Leading up to the debate, many students and staff hoped it would be a battle royale between the two candidates. What they received was just another political insult war.
“I expected there to be more arguing,” said Avilla. It was not really the debate I expected.”