Audience Members Didn’t Fulfill Promise to Keep Quiet

Crowd Can’t Contain Excitement

Kianna Koeppen, Staff Writer

Lester Holt went from presidential debate host to nagging parent as he reminded the audience to stay quiet half way through the debate.

The audience at the 2016 presidential debate at Hofstra University New York on September 26th was thoroughly entertained as they watched the two presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, express their plans and views if elected president. Their burst of laughter and sudden applause went against Presidential Debate Co-Chair, Frank Fahrenkopf’s, instructions that he gave at the beginning of the debate.

“Will you please be quiet,” repeated Fahrenkopf.

Despite Fahrenkopf’s wishes, the audience could not uphold their end of the deal causing the host, Lester Holt, to stop the debate and remind them to be quiet.

“I have to remind the audience,” Lester Holt addressed the audience. “that they agreed to keep quiet during the debate.”

After scolding them, the audience did keep quiet despite their earlier behavior . At the end of the debate, when the candidates were thanking Lester, supporters couldn’t take it anymore.

“Go Trump!” a Trump supporter screamed after the debate to which a Hillary Clinton supporter yelled in response “Go Hillary!”

The candidates excitement for their preferred politician did go against the wishes and rules, however, in the audience’s defense, the candidates did seem to egg them on with jokes and other forms of humor.  

The crowd chuckled when Hillary stated “I have a feeling that by the end of this evening I will blamed for everything.” The laughter continued when Trump responded to Hillary’s comment by saying “Why not?”

Despite the crowd’s enjoyment and laughter towards Trump’s and Hillary’s jokes and comments, some could argue that it was inconsiderate for the viewers at home who couldn’t attend the debate.

Woodside junior Ashton Vellequette stated.“It bugged me that they couldn’t stop clapping and laughing. Like they agreed to sit there and not talk but they did it anyway.”

After Lester’s reminder, the audience did keep their promise and keep quiet thus following Fahrenkopf’s guidelines and fulfilling his plea to not make a sound and not disrespect the others viewers.

“This debate is not for us,” Fahrenkopf stated, “the lucky ones who get to sit here in this audience and be part of history, really.”