“Drive to Survive” season 4 release date rapidly approaches



Look out for “Drive to Survive” season 4, releasing on Netflix on March 11th.

Mia Hua, Politics Editor

Season 4 of “Drive to Survive” premieres on March 11th. 

The show offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the thrilling sport of Formula 1, on and off the track. Formula 1 is a popular international racing class with drivers in custom open-wheel, single-seater cars. The word “formula” refers to the set of regulations each team must follow when creating their cars, and Formula 1 is the highest class (re: fastest cars).

Ten teams, each with two drivers, race in 22 Grand Prix events on circuits around the world for the chance to be crowned World Champion. In each race, drivers can earn points based on what place they end in; for example, the first-place driver earns 25 points, the second-place driver earns 18 points, and the tenth-place driver, the last place to earn points, earns only one point. At the end of the 22 race weekends, the driver with the most points wins the World Championship. The show has already covered the past three World Championships, bringing a wider, primarily American audience into the world of Formula 1.

In season 4, viewers will likely get an intimate, inside look at the different teams, with each episode focusing on a team or a specific driver as they race through circuits located all around the world. “Drive to Survive” has previously profiled winning teams like Mercedes, Red Bull, and McLaren, as well as underdogs Haas, Williams, and Alfa Romeo, and it’s expected that these interviews will continue in season 4. The show also features one-on-one interviews with individual drivers. Notably, Max Verstappen, the 2021 World Champion, will not be included in the show, instead choosing to opt out. Nevertheless, the season still highlights lovable, fan-favorite drivers like Daniel Riccardo and Lando Norris.

For fans of cars, racing, and reality TV, check out “Drive to Survive” season 4 on Netflix. There’s still time to binge the first three seasons…

Watch the trailer here.