What to Watch During Quarantine

A promotional poster for Breaking Bad featuring the main character, Walter White.

Courtesy of AMC

A promotional poster for “Breaking Bad” featuring the main character, Walter White.

Christopher Montalbano, Staff Writer

While stuck inside, trying to find a show to watch is hard; a show must be entertaining and engaging and has enough reasons for people to keep busy. My quarantine recommendation is “Breaking Bad” and its tie-in movie, ‘El Camino.’

“Breaking Bad” is a perfect show to stay busy with. “Breaking Bad” is an old show but never fails to disappoint with its engaging plot and deep-seated characters. People find themselves rooting for the antagonist during the duration of the whole show. That’s what makes it so interesting. As a bonus, instead of ending and being completely over like most shows, once you have finished “Breaking Bad,” you can watch its companion movie, ‘El Camino,’ which you might rewatch a couple of times. 

This is a perfect quarantine recommendation.