What to Watch: The Mandalorian

With constant action, humor, and the adorable Child, “The Mandalorian” has something for everybody.


Courtesy of Disney+

Watch the highly acclaimed TV show on Disney+.

Jessica Lin, Staff Writer

The hit Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” returns to Disney+ with a second season. The show is perfect for families who are Star Wars fans and for those who just love Baby Yoda. With the season 2 finale premiered on December 18, you can binge-watch the Emmy award-winning show with a subscription to Disney+. Its constant action, humor, high stakes, chases around the galaxy, and the adorable Child will definitely make you obsessed and waiting for more content. 

For hardcore fans, it also features many Easter eggs to find and enjoy. “The Mandalorian” is joined with new and old characters to strike against the Empire and to help the Child find its path.