Holiday Gift Ideas

Having trouble figuring out what to get your family and friends this upcoming holiday season here are two great suggestions!

An example of a 
love jar

An example of a “love jar”

Arielle Bruk, Staff Writer

With the holiday season coming up, everyone is scrambling to find gifts for their loved ones. Covid may have canceled your holiday plans, but room for love is still in order!  Having trouble figuring out what to get your family and friends this upcoming holiday season? What about a love jar or a food bundle? Each will provide your family and friends with the affection and the appreciation they deserve. 

If you are struggling to find gift ideas for your parents or older relatives, a love jar is a perfect choice. A love jar is a clear jar, maybe the size of a Nutella jar, filled with little notes. In these little parchments, you can write tiny phrases or notes to show your appreciation for the receiving person. You can also add color. Depending on what holiday this gift is for, you can add colors—Green and red for Christmas and blue and white for Hanukkah, etc. You may also want to add a little note on the outside of the jar. This note can say, “35 things I love about you.” By decorating this jar, you’re creating your own unique love touch, which I’m sure the relative receiving this will enjoy!

If you’re looking for gifts on the cheaper side, food bundles are the way to go. These adorable assortments should have a common theme, such as the same color. Your food bundle should consist of drinks, chips, candy, and for comfort items, fuzzy socks are a great option. Let’s say your friend’s favorite color is blue. One could add rice Krispies, a blue drink, Oreos, or chips with blue packaging. And with the colder months coming up, you could add blue fuzzy socks. These food bundles will satisfy your friend’s snacking needs throughout their winter break and also add comfort and warmth for this chilly weather.