Woodside Students Prefer Mystery Games Over First-Person Shooters And Competitive Racing

Fun, competitive, and rage-inducing games amongst WHS students.


Jay'len Collins

Jay’len Collins making a free-throw in NBA 2K21.

Zahra Roberts, Staff Writer

According to a recent poll, forty-four Woodside students agreed that the most popular video games are “Among Us,” “NBA 2k21”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Battle Royale,” “Fall Guys,” and “Grand Theft Auto V.”

Students play most of these games with friends, some at Woodside, and some from Arizona and the east coast. These games promise to be fun, enraging, elaborate and filled with many interesting concepts.

Mason Hughes, a Woodside senior, prefers games that involve eliminating opposing players, competitive stunt racing, ruling out the tricksters in a group, stagnant attitudes towards parkour tracks, and trying not to fall into the pink slime. Hughes and his friends have enjoyed titles such as “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout,” “Among Us,” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Battle Royale,” and “Pixel Gun 3D: Fun PvP Shooter”.

“I make these playlists on “Grand Theft Auto V” with about 10-16 different types of games [and] jobs,” Hughes said. “They include races, player versus

Aidan Chandler and his teammates winning a round of Ultimate Fighting Championship in Grand Theft Auto V.

player modes and fun mini-games. Three to around twelve people often join and play them. Sometimes my friends and I post it on YouTube for a good laugh.”

“Communication with people is more straightforward, more comfortable, and a lot more entertaining through PlayStation 4,” Hughes said. “Being around friends in person is better, but it is not reasonable during times like this. ”

“Playlists are a ton of fun, [and] there are so many different conversations going on in the party chat,” Hughes said. “In [the] game, people are getting rammed off the road and trying to catch up in the races. They usually take around three to five hours because people take a long time to join, some of us often lag out, and the game’s servers sometimes crash.”

Hughes personally thinks the most popular game at the moment is “Among Us,” a title that’s available on PC, Apple, and Android devices.

Zahra Roberts and seven of her friends winning a round in Among Us. (Zahra Roberts)

“I wouldn’t say it’s my personal favorite, but I enjoy the game. It takes a while to get used to, but it’s a fun mystery game. Here’s a little run-down for people who’re not the imposter (the murderer). You run around a map and do some tasks around the spaceship,” Hughes said. “The main goal is to find out who’s suspicious and report any dead bodies that you find. The imposter’s job is to seem as least… suspicious as possible and try to kill everyone, therefore winning that round of the game. If all crewmates complete all of their tasks or vote out the potential imposters, the crewmates will win that round.”
Jay’len Collins from Philadelphia believes that being quarantined has brought people closer. A lot of friendships have rekindled and gotten more vital due to people having more free time.“I’ve been playing with a lot more friends than usual.“Most of the time I play solo now; it’s with the homies, and it’s a vibe,” Collins said.“Quarantine set us on the path to play more often and catch up on stuff.”

Although gaming magazines and WHS students believe “Among Us” is the most popular game right now, others have different opinions.

“The hottest game out right now would be “Fall Guys” because I don’t know anything about “Among Us.” It’s popular right now and a lot of fun too,” Collins said. “I love fall guys and the fact that it’s free on PlayStation 4, plus they made it exclusive for PC and PS4 at the moment.”
“Among Us” has many qualities that make it the most popular game right now.

Andres Alvarado, a Woodside senior, thinks the trending game would have to be “Among Us.”

“The idea of playing with your friends and trying to get a read on them is where the fun is really at,” Alvarado said. “Making deductions based on someone’s tone or the lack of information they can provide is the game’s heart and center, along with the ability to play with friends.”

“You can always join public lobbies and meet new people. I heard that on PC, people would enter a discord link in the game’s chat thread and proceed to talk there while playing,” Alvarado said. “A perfect feeling to have is guessing who’s the imposter and getting it correct. Playing as the imposter is very exhilarating because you’re trying to outsmart everyone, but also keeping in mind you still have seven to nine crewmates going against you.”
According to Alvarado, “Among Us” really stands out because there’s just so much to do throughout the game.

“Arguing could come from the game, depending on who you play with. The community of public players isn’t the worst, but there are plenty of instances where it can be very annoying,” Alvarado said. “Other than the game getting heated and not always being able to play with friends “Among Us” is a very brain wracking game.

“These games are all unique in their ways and fun to play with friends, yet most servers are bad and laggy; therefore, you need good Wi-Fi to play most of these titles,” Alvarado said.