Woodside Compliments Promotes Positivity

An anonymous senior revived @woodsidecompliments through @whscomplimentspage.

Emma Chiu

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Through the Instagram account @whscomplimentspage, students receive anonymous compliments from their peers.

The new Instagram account @whscomplimentspage aims to spread positivity throughout the Woodside community by posting anonymously-submitted student compliments.

A similar account, called @woodsidecompliments, operated between January 2015 and December 2017 but became inactive once its owners left for college. On August 21, one leadership student took the initiative to revive the account in the form of @whscomplimentspage.

“I just have a different mindset for this year, and making students happier… is one way of doing that,” stated the leadership student, who is @whscomplimentspage’s sole admin as well as a Woodside senior wishing to remain anonymous.

The original @woodsidecompliments account was active between January 2015 and December 2017.
The new @whscomplimentspage account began on August 21.

Although Woodside’s leadership class has discussed the creation of @whscomplimentspage, the account itself is not affiliated with leadership nor the Board of Student Affairs (BOSA).

“The leadership program, BOSA being the head, was not aware of the account prior to its formation,” Woodside senior and BOSA President Adrienne Evans said in a statement to the Paw Print.

In comparison to the former @woodsidecompliments account, the new @whscomplimentspage admin hopes to be more active and pass on the account to a new owner after they graduate from Woodside. A second difference is that students wishing to submit anonymous compliments about their peers must use a different app—YOLO rather than Survey Monkey.

“[Woodside Compliments] found a new way to make sure all the comments are socially acceptable and appropriate through using the YOLO proctor,” explained Colby Peck, Woodside senior and BOSA Vice President. “That way… only non-censor-needed material can be posted.”

This change counters an issue that @woodsidecompliments formerly faced. So far, the new account appears to be running smoothly and receives positive student responses.

Woodside sophomore Audrey Jacobson received an anonymous compliment through @whscomplimentspage.

“Props to whoever made the page; it’s very sweet!” commented Audrey Jacobson, a Woodside sophomore. “Receiving a compliment really brightened my day, especially since my day had been a little rough.”

Although she expressed concerns that students who do not receive compliments may feel left out, Jacobson believes that the account will benefit the Woodside community overall.

“Woodside will see a small but encouraging effect from this page,” Jacobson stated. “If someone gets a compliment, their day will be a little better, they’ll be happier, [and] happiness is contagious.”

The @whscomplimentspage admin takes a similar stance, reflected in their “promote don’t demote” Instagram biography. As of September 8, their page already features more than 50 anonymous compliments.

“Being positive and giving compliments is so nice,” the admin remarked. “It’s crazy how it can make people feel from just one sentence.”