The Importance of Preschool For Young Children

Preschool is where children are able to get a head start on their education, as well as gain valuable skills.


Gary Teele

The hallway of the preschool where the Pancake Breakfast is held.

Gary Teele, Staff Writer

Preschool is one of the most important times in a young child’s life. Not only do kids learn new skills, but they become more mature as they prepare for their future education. In 2017, less than half of three-year-olds were in school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.

Luckily, organizations and schools in the Bay Area are trying to integrate solutions to help families and encourage education among young children.

Preschool is full of opportunities for all kids. From participating in arts and crafts, all the way to communicating with their peers, they learn skills they’ll use forever.

For the past 11 years, a local preschool has held an annual pancake breakfast to raise money for their scholarship program. Through a silent auction and ticket sales, the school raises money to help families financially to ensure that their kids can receive a preschool education.

This is preschool director and Pancake Breakfast coordinator, Tiffany Teele, also known as my mom. She’s been helping plan and work the event for the past several years.

“Community coming together is probably my most favorite,” Teele described. “And, the fact that it’s benefiting families that need help with tuition.”

On average, approximately $10,000 is raised yearly, helping approximately 12 percent of the families with children attending. Not only is the event benefiting many families financially, but the overall atmosphere of many coming together is a highlight during the event.

“I think community involvement is a big thing,” Michelle Lowell-Brogger mentioned. “Having everyone come to school on a Saturday, and all the different classes get to see each other. Everybody gets to mix and mingle. I think that’s the funnest part of the Pancake Breakfast.”

Lowell-Brogger is a preschool teacher, and is highly involved in the Pancake Breakfast.

“We focus a lot on social and emotional learning,” Teele said.

We teach children problem solving, we teach them how to communicate with one another, and we do so in a play based environment. We teach children to learn while playing. We feel that’s the best way they learn.”

— Tiffany Teele

“It helps people in our community who could not otherwise afford to send their child to school,” added Janet Agius. “So as long as we can do this event, I think it’s important that we do do it.”

Agius is the office assistant and has been working at the Pancake Breakfast for all 11 years it’s been going on.

“All the kids here and the parents all participate and i think it’s just a great morning for everybody that comes,” Agius said.

All kids should have an opportunity to education. Preschool is especially important, as students experience interacting with their peers and learn useful skills that they will only use the rest of their lives.

Luckily, with the help of the community, teachers, and volunteers, we’re able to help the future generation of kids get an early start in their growth.