High School Fashion Trends: Then vs. Now

A style comparison between students and teacher at Woodside.


Emma Hague

The storefront of Brandy Melville, a very popular girls clothing store

Emma Hague, Staff Writer

Since Woodside is a very large school, there are many different styles to be seen around campus, some similar to the ones teachers grew up with, and some completely new.

Over the past 30 years, many styles have gone in and out fashion- leg warmers, bright colors, baggy clothes, fitted crop tops, and jean jackets. Students and teachers at Woodside High School  have similar and different responses about their experiences with high school fashion.

Emma Hague
Two styles of Vans that have been in style for decades

“I remember when I was in middle school and Victoria’s Secret Pink first rolled out,” said Michaela Kane, an English teacher at Woodside. “I remember that was a very big trend and it very controversial because Victoria’s Secret is an underwear store. People had an issue with people wearing that. I remember in high school [I definitely got] a ton of Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants… I [also] wore a lot of American Eagle clothing and Forever 21.”

Nowadays, some of the trendy places for teen shopping include Brandy Melville, Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, American Eagle, and Vans. 30 years ago, some of the same stores still dominated teen style. Stores like Express, Levi’s, and Guess have fallen in and out of style.

Emma Hague
A vintage jean jacket from the 80s

“The thing that everyone wanted back then was Guess jeans. Guess [jeans] were 50 dollars and back then in the mid 80’s, 20 bucks was a [regular] pair of jeans and [50 dollars] was a big jump. I begged my mom to get me Guess jeans,” stated Laura Perdikomatis, a PE teacher at Woodside.

In the 80’s, trendy, modern style was baggy, colorful clothing. Now it’s tight, muted clothing.  Wear you shop and what you wear is part of your image and social standing. Both girls and guys have very simple everyday outfits, according to Marco Parodi, a freshman at Woodside.

“The everyday outfit for guys is sweatshirts, jeans, or sweatpants. Girls [typically] wear sweatshirts and leggings,” Parodi explained.

More clothes sold at Brandy Melville

Many styles and trends have gone in and out of fashion. From Vans to jean jackets that were popular in the 80’s, many trends from past decades have resurfaced in today’s teen culture.


“Some things that used to be popular back when I was younger are popular again,” stated Zorina Matavulj, the College and Career Advisor.

Over the years, the definition of style has changed, and people have adapted to the styles no matter what.

In the future, style will always be a reflection of the culture at the time.