Toys or Touchscreens?

Families with small children decide between toys and touchscreens.


Fatima Barrera

60% of parents state that their children use electronics “often.”

Fatima Barrera, Staff Writer

Toddlers and infants are turning to touchscreens and are starting to prefer touch-screens than actual toys, with Cnet news source stating that 60% of surveyed parents say their children younger than 12 years old use touch screens “often.”

With electronics starting to become more common among children, parents are deciding to give their kids more time with screens than with toys. While some sites on electronic devices provide beneficial and educational information, others are against giving their kids any touchscreens at all.

“My little brother has not been able to stay off of my mom’s phone, and he gets mad when we try to take it away from him,” Jiselle Camarena, a Woodside freshman, commented.

Families have said there have been times where they have had to take the phone away from their child because it was starting to become too much of a distraction.  Some parents, after taking away their child’s device, are forced to leave public places.

“My kid has thrown tantrums at stores and in a lot of inappropriate places, so I revoked his screen time and we saw his attitude [improving],” Jessica Moreno, a parent of a nine-year-old, said.

Electronic devices could be affecting not only the physical health of children, but also their mental health and behavior.

“Now that there are more electronics coming out for little kids, they are starting to recognize… how to turn on and use electronics… It might not be the best for them,” Giselle Mendez, a Woodside freshman and older sibling, stated.