The New Bachelor

Controversy Over Colton Underwood’s Role in The Bachelor


Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Alex Manuel, Staff Writer

Caution, spoilers ahead!

The Bachelor franchise recently announced Colton Underwood as their newest leading man, and fans are not happy.

The next season of The Bachelor is set to air on January 7, but in the meantime avid watchers have wasted no time epxressing their opinions on the newly minted Colton Underwood. He made his reality television debut on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette earlier this year and progressed to hometowns only to be eliminated right before the finale. After he was revealed to be the bachelor, fans were astonished. Many believe he is too young and not ready to make a commitment.

He caused a lot of drama on Paradise and on Becca’s season.”

— Stephanie Gerson

“[I am] disappointed because he isn’t ready for love, and he’s too immature,” Nina Balestieri, a Woodside senior, stated.

Underwood continued to be involved with the bachelor franchise during his reign on The Bachelor in Paradise where he coupled up with former girlfriend Tia Booth. The airing of their dramatic split happened only hours before Good Morning America announced his spot as bachelor. Booth agrees with some of the opinions about Underwood.

I vote Jason for bachelor,” Booth said to Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t know that [Colton] is ready. I don’t.” 

Fans suspect that the choice may be related to his past appearances on the shows, stirring up further turmoil.

“He caused a lot of drama on Paradise and on Becca’s season,” Stephanie Gerson, a Woodside junior, remarked.

Regardless of their opinions on Underwood, fans eagerly await the next season.

“I’m really excited,” Rebecca Rodriguez, a Woodside junior, admitted. “I think he deserves another chance to figure himself out and find the right person.”