Pilot of “Apocalypse”: American Horror Story Season Eight Sparks Excitement and Predictions

The new season of American Horror story will be the highly anticipated crossover season between seasons one and three of the show.



Sam Brook

American Horror story has been airing for seven years, and “Apocalypse” will be the first season to crossover other seasons.

Sam Brook, Managing Editor

The first episode of “Apocalypse,” the long-awaited crossover between “Murder House” and “Coven,” premiered on American Horror Story on September 12th. With a rising popularity for the horror genre, news about the new season is surfacing, and the fan base is increasing.

“Horror is more common now than it was a few years ago, because it’s been more directed at teens and young adults as well as just adults,” Anya Mason, a Woodside freshman, described.

Some of the biggest news for season eight is the return of three time Emmy winner Jessica Lange. Fans remember Lange for her important performances as creepy neighbor, Constance, in season one (“Murder House”), and as supreme witch, Fiona Goode, in season three (“Coven”).

“I think she’s such a diva, and I love her,” commented Woodside teacher Jenny Ortez. “The way she walks into a room… she was always very confident and assertive, and she was always the evil character, but there was a softness to her in some seasons. I expect her to be the one to terrorize these new people in the sanctuary in “Apocalypse”… I missed her in ‘Cult’ [season seven].”

Ryan Murphy, the director of American Horror Story, announced via Instagram lead actress Sarah Paulson would be directing at least one episode of the new season. In the released episodes of “Apocalypse,” Paulson portrays a leader of a sanctuary like she did in “Coven.”

I think [“Apocalypse”] will be about who has power and how we are capable of abusing power and how we are capable of hurting people we love when we are afraid.”

— Jenny Ortez

“They know the character, they know the show, [and] they know what viewers want to see,” Ortez noted. “I think she’ll be great. She’s played amazing characters. In ‘Cult,’ she definitely evolves into this strong and assertive person, and I think it’s sort of an inspiration for people that deal with mental health because she kind of beats the demons she has.”

Following the usual trend, cast and crew on the set of season eight were, and still are, very secretive about the new season. So far, the released episodes detail  an underground, post-nuclear society run by Wilhemina Venable (Sarah Paulson) and the “cooperative.” The latex suit from “Murder House” has made an appearance in season eight, exciting fans for the crossover. Michael Langdon, also known as the Antichrist, is introduced as a representative from the mysterious organization deciding the fates of the few survivors. Viewers have yet to see signs of “Coven” in “Apocalypse,” but fans await answers each Wednesday night.

“I think [“Apocalypse”] will be about who has power and how we are capable of abusing power and how we are capable of hurting people we love when we are afraid,” Ms. Ortez said.