Drama Program Not Recognized As Much As Musical

Students have wondered why the drama play is not held to the same merit as the more popular and anticipated musical every year.


Travis Moss, Staff Writer

The student musical, performed every March at Woodside, receives much more publicity and popularity than the lesser known drama production presented in May.

The musical, which is more publicized and accessible to non-students, often attracts sold-out shows. On the other hand, the audiences for drama plays fill up the size of a classroom, appeals to a more family-oriented audience.

“I hear there’s a rumor that the Principal cut the program and that the minor popularity of the Drama production is intentional,” Woodside senior Mason Moss stated, who will be participating in the upcoming drama production.

“There’s a Drama play?”

— Humberto Cruz

While the production is suitable for a student-run play, it still does not compare to the professional sets and orchestration of the spring musical.

“The shows beside the musical don’t compare to the way it’s put together, it’s like the school’s centerpiece for publicity,” junior Karl Nuelkel said, who plays the drums in the school band.

Several students are not even aware of the production that takes place in TH-2 each May.  Senior Humberto Cruz stated that many students, including seniors, rarely paid attention to drama and focused more on the musical.

“There’s a Drama play?” Cruz said sarcastically. “I had no idea.”